Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Friends In High Places"

Ah, democracy. How wonderful that we have a system of checks and balances, ways to insure a fair election. A whole, entire Department of Justice to oversee and protect our electoral process. Hip, hip hooray for the DOJ! Except, not so much...Check out this video:

And this one:

So - just to be clear - the very people who are supposed to be on the look out for organizations like ACORN, which is now under investigation in at least FIFTEEN states, is backing off. The DOJ plans to send out people from their Civil Rights Division to insure there is no "voter suppression or intimidation," but will NOT send out lawyers from their CRIMINAL division to insure there is no voter FRAUD. According to Senator Danforth in a conference call on 10/29, the DOJ claims if they did send out attorneys from the Criminal Division, THAT might result in voter suppression. They seem to be a bit short on logic there - how would anyone KNOW? It is a poor excuse for not doing what they are supposed to be doing - insuring that everyone has the right to vote fairly, without fear of intimidation, or that their vote will be meaningless as the result of fraudulent votes. THAT is their job, and for what your taxpaying dollars are going. Sure would be nice if they bothered to do the job they swore to do - uphold the Constitution. Just a thought.

And one last video on voting. This one deals with our military and their ability to vote while serving oversees:

This is, quite simply, unacceptable.

So much for that whole "one person, one vote" democracy thing, at least as far as the DOJ is concerned.

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