Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Women's Reality and History

This is a bit of a follow-up to my post, "Some Celebration," on the issues women face here and abroad. Once again, H/T to cheneywatch.com for alerting me to this video.

Yesterday, I wrote of Afghanistan, Iraq, and the US. Today, it is India:

What courage, what strength, these women demonstrated. May their success be far and wide.

Speaking of courage and strength, here is a broader retrospective of Women Leaders in our history who helped to get us where we are today:

Here is one of my favorite athletes in one of my favorite sports (soccer), a woman who made history, Julie Foudy, in celebration of Women's History Month:

Oh, and yes, Hillary should have been in the video of Women Leaders. So this one is for her, and for all of us:


bluelyon said...

Thank you! I loved the shoulders video, and I can never get enough of Hillary's mega-watt smile!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

I know, right? She is really something...

As for the Shoulders, so many of those women, so many who have enabled us to be where we are now, we wouldn't even recognize if they passed us on the street. We rarely, RARELY, see their faces...