Friday, March 13, 2009

What's In A Name?

A lot. One thing we learned from the Bush Administration - make up a name for a bill or act that is diametrically opposite of what the act wil actually do. Then, talk it up!

I am referring to the Employee Free Choice Act, the brainchild of the large unions in this country, who paid a whopping $67,500,000 (round figure) to elect Obama. And now they want their payback.

I hasten to add, as I have said before, I am NOT anti-Union. As long as the unions are acting in the best interest of their employees, and the industry in which they work. But I gotta tell you - when we are having to essentially bailout unions, and then find out they have spent over 67 MILLION dollars this past year to get Obama elected, or find out that AFL/CIO officials are meeting in a very swanky resort in Miami, it gets just a tad irritating. We are bailing them out, and they are hanging out by the pool at a resort which bills it's CHEAPEST room at approximately $400 a night.

And now, the big unions, along with the help of President Obama, want to remove the secret ballot to determine if a shop becomes union or not. The following video highlights the problems with that:

To provide a fuller view, and to hear from the other side, there is this exchange:

Lou Dobbs also considers this issue on his program (as well as another union bill):

Here's the thing. The right to vote in secret, without fear of threat or intimidation, is a fundamental DEMOCRATIC right. For Unions, and DEMOCRATS, to push to remove that option is hypocritical in the extreme, and a dangerous precedent.

The DNC already demonstrated May 31, 2008, that they do not give a damn about the rule of law when they took lawfully cast, certified votes from one candidate to give to another. The one receiving the votes declared it "fair," which it was only to him, not the hundreds of thousands of people who did not vote for him. So, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised that the Democrats are now pushing for even more unfair voting, in this case, a payoff to a group that gave them tens of millions of dollars. BUT - that is so far from the concept of free and fair elections, of the right to cast a SECRET ballot, as one can get. And it is flat out undemocratic, no matter how anyone wants to spin it.

What's in a name? A lot, to be sure, but only when the name is accurate. The "Employee Free Choice Act" is not free, and not a choice.


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