Monday, March 23, 2009

What The...???

Thank heavens someone is doing some investigative reporting into the whole AIG bonus thing and how it came to be (H/T to SusanUnPC for this video). Peter Barnes sheds some light on this while matter in this video:

So, um, if the Bush people said, "Hell no!" to them getting TARP funds, and if Timmy Geithner, Tax Felon, was getting all these emails, and was in fact, the ARCHITECT of the plan, and Obama then hired him to be head of the Treasury, that's not good, right?? Gee, no wonder people are calling for his resignation(heck, I don't think he ever should have been confirmed in the FIRST place, but everyone wanted to give Obama everything he wanted, just like they did to Bush post 9/11 - go figure. This oughta learn 'em. Ha - as if these Congresspeople learn from their mistakes...). But Obama is standing by his man, no matter the extra TRILLION DOLLARS the Treasury Department plan will cost us. Way to stand up for the people, Obama - or in this case, just the one.

Sen. Gregg didn't stand by HIS man, though, when he told Obama he could take his job offer back. Rather, he is standing up for us when he says that Obama's budget Plan will BANKRUPT the nation. Yes, he did - he came right out and said it:

Holy TOLEDO!!!! See, here's the thing. When someone is completely inexperienced, and totally unqualified for a position, this is what you get. NONE of the professionals who voted for Obama would EVER hire someone with such a thin resume. Can you imagine a University Search Committee interviewing someone and having him say, "Well, no, I don't have any real experience, per se, but I can bring new hope to the students for a beautiful world! And I can change the pedagogy to make it even better, even though I have no experience in it, and everything will be FANTASTIC!" First of all, he would never have even gotten an INTERVIEW in that situation, much less be considered a viable candidate for a teaching position, much less the highest position at the school. You can extrapolate to any job ("well, gee, no, I've never worked on an oil rig before, but how hard can it BE? I'll have people I can ask about it, ya know!" ), and get my point. And that is how, just TWO MONTHS into his presidency, we have gotten here. While he vacations - AGAIN - in preparation for EASTER, three weeks away.

"This country country will go bankrupt." If those aren't sobering words, I don't know what is. Keep fiddling away while Rome burns, Obama, keep fiddling away.

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