Wednesday, March 11, 2009


That's what Nancy Pelosi thinks our Air Force is - her personal taxi service. Yes, the Watchdog group, Judicial Group, has found some mighty information out about Speaker Pelosi's personal of Air Force personnel and equipment in THIS article. The information obtained was through a Freedom of Information Act request.

Now let me hasten to add that, by all means, the Speaker of the House, third in line of succession to the White House, needs to be able to fly to and from her/his district securely, especially in these dangerous times. BUT - it is the manner in which Speaker Pelosi is treating the Air Force as her personal valet service. And we are paying for it.

I'll let the Judicial Watch president, Tom Fitton, lay it all out for you (if you don't have time to watch the video, the link above contains the same information):

Everyone else is cutting back in these difficult times. Speaker Pelosi just makes excuses for her wastefulness. Again, she is entitled to this service, but it is the sense of entitlement with which she uses it that's the problem: having it on standby and canceling at the last minute (unnecessarily); demanding a certain (most expensive) type of plane; and using it for her family as if it's the family station wagon, to name a few.

Between this and the Pork House Omnibus Bill Obama is going to sign into law today (and then lecture us on earmarks - spare me already), it is kind of hard to take their "cinch up your belt" rhetoric seriously. Yes, Obama is going to sign the Omnibus Bill with over 8,000 earmarks in it, which he claims he just can't change because it was written last year. Huh??? He calls it "imperfect," but he's signing it anyway!! Um, NEWSFLASH - you can VETO it, Obama!! Just more talking the talk but not getting close to walking the walk from Obama. Big surprise. Hahhaha! Oh, he said in that article that earmarks should receive more scrutiny, but given his wife benefited handsomely from some of HIS earmarks while in IL, there is no way he's gonna call to abolish them altogether. Anyone who thought he would was just denying reality. Look at his record on it.

So, yeah - all the rest of us need to tighten up our belts, and make some changes. Our elected officials? Not so much. Oh, and Speaker Pelosi? We're not buying your excuses, either. Stop treating the Air Force like your personal travel service and wasting our money. Obama, do you think you could keep ONE campaign promise?? Like on earmarks? Stop wasting our money already!!

Sheesh. Is it possible that all this time the Republicans have been calling the Democrats "tax and spend" Democrats, they were RIGHT??

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