Tuesday, March 24, 2009

They Grow Up So Fast...

You asked for it, you got it! PUPPIES!!!!! I apologize that you cannot hear their barking and growling - I don't have a real video camera, so these will have to do. But, they are mighty, mighty cute, don't you think?

OH! So far, one of the vet techs at our very good vet want's one. I'm hoping that when we take them in for their four weeks check-up, some others there won't be able to resist. Take a look - could you??

I hope this is a nice distraction from whatever the current crapola is going on in the world...


Logistics Monster said...


oh sooooo needed that. Mahalo!!

Deborah said...


That's what I'm talking about. Just when my head was about to explode from nobama's gazillion dollar plan to subjugate the people of the US.

Watching puppies made it all go away for a while.

How cute, those little round bellies, the big floppy ears. I imagine that the house will become very interesting when they finally find their hound voices. Personally I love to hear hounds bark/bay, takes me back to the Midwest as a child, the farm.

Yeah puppies!

Thank you, thank you.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

My pleasure, LM! I am going to get my partner to use her work phone to take a video - then I can have SOUND for you!!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, Deborah!

Oh, yes - their mother is a BIG howler - it cracks us up!! We did have two greyhounds, whom we lost within two months of each other, sadly (both rescues, both reached old ages, though one's passing was way too sudden - she developed brain cancer and went down quickly). The female greyhound loved it when we'd watch soccer, and someone would score. We'd yell, "GOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLLL!" and she would howl and howl - it was SO funny!

I wish you could see these pups in action - right now, they just bark, but I am sure they'll find their voices soon!

Glad I could help - it was kind of a crap day, wasn't it, with Oama wanting to take over corporations. I could be wrong, but isn't that Socialism moving toward Communism? (I'm all for socialism with a small s - helping others less fortunate, caring for animals and the planet, but taking over COMPANIES???)

Thanks for coming by!