Monday, March 30, 2009

"The Great Outdoors"

On the puppies four week "birthday," we decided to take them outside for the very first time. It was so much fun - for all of us. Initially, they slunk down, not quite sure what the green stuff was, or the breeze, or the sun. That lasted about 1.7 seconds. Then, they were off and running!

I have proof:

And yes, that is me frolicking with the puppies. Or rather them frolicking ON me. What a fun day. Naturally, they all crashed after their exciting fifteen minute foray into the wild.

So you can see how big each one is getting, here they are:

Lucas, the first born -

Lucky is the black/white one coming toward you -

Leo is the brown one on the left, and Lani is the one on the right -

Leila, the last one born on March 1st.

Lucy took a two hour break, then came Locomotion -

And last, but not least by any means, Luna -

That's Lucky on his back with his feet crossed, and Locomotion all spread out. I have to admit, seeing them do this absolutely had me in stitches:

Hope you enjoyed this little break with my pack (and Go, HEELS!!!)!


Deborah said...

How cute!

I swear I could see a few of the pups in that hound dog stance, head and back low and straight, on the hunt, sniffin for critters.

I added a link below that is also a distraction from nobama and all the crap on a biscuit that is being dished out to America.

The clip is a woman does sand art, her name is Ilana Yahav. I linked to her clip named ‘Just Imagine’. I watched this clip and thought it goes well with our work with writing politicians every week, sometime more, sending them snail mail, email asking, questioning, stating opinions regarding their actions. Just imagine that moving these grains of sand around, doing our little part to stand up and say ‘Stop!’ just imagine what will happen.

We are gearing up for a Tea Party locally on the 15th, buying a Gadsden ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ flag for the party and to display at the house. While we are frustrated and angry and sometimes exhausted from feeling ineffective, we keep going forward with the knowledge that now is the time to take action. When all is said and done,just imagine… each of us a grain of sand and what we will accomplish.

Thank you again for the latest installment of the L chronicles. They are so darn cute. I want to sit on that grass and watch them roll around also! How sweet a moment, thanks for sharing.

The clip below is from where this amazing woman shows her art. She has additional clips at her website.

Titled: “Just Imagine”

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, Deborah!

YES, you are absolutely right - they were doing the whole hound dog thing. They had their 4 week check-up today, and were pronounced very healthy and happy! Two of the vet techs want to adopt one each, and even our vet was taken by Lani (she and her husband, who is an equine vet) already have two whippets. We are encouraging her to add a third!!

Don't you love their ears??

But, but, I LOVE biscuits!!!! Ahem. Thank you for the clip - I appreciate it. Hopefully, I can use it in an upcoming post, with proper credit to you, of course! :-)

Well, it seems like the Tea Parties are FINALLY starting to get noticed! Abt time, too, I'd say!

Thanks again for the link!

insightanalytical said...

WOW, what a Crew!!!!! I have my hands full with 3--this bunch of pups must keep you VERY busy!!!!

On the subject of Animals...I just have to share this story about a woman who upended paleontology...since Women's History Month is winding down, what better way that with a pregnant T. Rex...and the scientist who found the first surviving tissue in fossil dinosaur bones??

Closing Out Women’s History Month With Dr. Mary Schweitzer, Ground-Breaking Molecular Paleontologist, and a Special T. Rex