Monday, March 2, 2009

Welcome To The World, Little Ones!

Sunday night, around 8:45, the rescued stray, who turned out to be pregnant, Lucy, started delivering her puppies. She was in labor all day long, poor thing. Once she got started, she got the first five out pretty quickly. The last one, number seven, came around 2:30, but was having difficulty figuring out how to nurse. S/he did finally get it, though I was ready with a baby bottle and formula, thanks to my buddy, M.E.(aka Nunly).

I can say this - Lucy is an outstanding mother. She can hardly bear to be away from her pups to go outside, and can tell when all seven aren't in one place (she was checking a basket we have with a heating pad in it to use when cleaning up their space. Turns out the little puppy had snuck under a towel, and she didn't see it. Once I found it, she climbed right back in to care for them all.). Everyone seems healthy, though a trip is already planned to the vet for Tuesday to make sure the puppies, and Lucy, are all okay.

I am sure I don't have to say this, but these are the cutest puppies on the face of the planet! At least, we think so. So, here they are, in order of their birth:

Aren't they adorable? Some of the puppies were still wet when their first photos were taken. As time goes by, I''ll take some more so you can see how they are developing.

Thanks so much, everyone, for your good wishes for Lucy and the pups - they are much appreciated!


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Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Thanks for the message, Unity - I think you did a fine job telling them yourself!