Thursday, March 19, 2009

Obama's Contributors

Since AIG is big in the news right now, with Obama claiming his faux outrage over the bonuses, and Chris Dodd saying, "Don't blame me!" "I mean, do blame me!" (c'mon, don't you KNOW Rahm Emmanuel showed Chris just how they do it in Chicago to make him take the fall for this?), I thought I would share the following piece from Pajamas Media on an interesting twist:
Contributions to Obama Campaign Track Bailout Money

Barack Obama’s lack of leadership in a down economy has now hit [1] crisis proportions, as his claimed inability to block millions of dollars in bonuses for executives of bailout recipient AIG has caused even his supporters to turn on him.

But while the ire of Congress and the media focus are on the $165 million that AIG paid out in bonuses to their executives, the president is hoping you won’t notice the $100 billion in taxpayer bailout dollars that AIG paid out to other banks, including $58 billion to foreign banks and [2] $36 billion given to French and German banks alone.

The Obama administration is allowing AIG to bail out the rest of the world with your tax dollars.

So by all means, the president is happy to have you railing at “evil” but relatively small potatoes AIG executive bonuses, as it points your outrage away from his own far more costly executive abuses.

And of course, the re-distributor-in-chief hopes you won’t notice where much of the rest of the AIG bailout cash is being spent.

While $58 billion of your tax dollars — or more accurately, your children’s tax dollars — are being used to pay foreign banks, a substantial portion of that money ($43.5 billion) is being used to pay American banks, including Goldman Sachs, Merill Lynch, Bank of America, Citigroup, Wachovia, Morgan Stanley, AIG International, and JP Morgan.

The following recipients of President Obama’s trickle-down-to-my-donors bailout plan rank among his top 20 contributors to his 2008 presidential election campaign, according to [3] Open Secrets:

Goldman Sachs: $955,473

Citigroup: $653,468

JP Morgan Chase & Co.: $646,058

Morgan Stanley: $485,823

Well, looky there!! Don't THOSE names look just a little familiar?! Just WAIT:
Three other banks that were significant contributors to Obama received money through AIG:

Bank of America: $274,493

Wachovia: $214,151

AIG: $112,170

Lehman Brothers, which did not survive long enough to join the list of banks leaching off the work of the American taxpayer, also gave the Obama campaign [4] $276,088.

Individuals identifying themselves as working for the banks above gave Barack Obama’s presidential campaign $3,617,724. In other words, more than 3.6 million reasons for the president to help focus the media’s glare on the relatively minuscule $165 million in AIG executive bonuses, and away from their $43.5 billion portion of $100 billion of taxpayer dollars the administration, by design or incompetence, filtered to other banks through AIG.

In receiving $43.5 billion for their investment of just over $3.3 million, it looks like the banks that gambled on Wall Street certainly got their money’s worth out of their investment in Barack Obama.

Your tax paying dollars at work, folks! To help pay back Obama's big-money contributors to buy him the highest office in the land. Wheeee!!!!

If you want to read more on the AIG issue, SusanUnPC also has a good piece on the recent AIG/Dodd stuff, "Listen To Your Aunt Susan." There is also Larry Doyle's, "AIG Contracts A Brain Freeze," are just a couple of other articles at No Quarter on the AIG issue.


Mary Ellen said...

I was watching a little of the news on AIG and the hearings with Liddy yesterday.CNN had some film on Obama when he was on his way to some townhall meeting thing and he let the reporters ask some questions. Well, most of his answers regarding AIG was "The buck stops here" line that he's been tossing around. Now, we all know that Obama never takes responsibility for his actions. He only plays the "buck stops here" line when he thinks it will score him some points. Of course, sprinkled in with his "buck stops here" bs, he repeats the mantra about the mess he "inherited". In fact, he says it about ten times a day to the media. I can hear the Obots (including his Obot media) now..."Look! He's taking full responsibility, even if it's not his fault. What a good guy!"

But the fact is...HE is the one who made sure that the amendment to dissolve any contracts, past and future, for big bonuses be scratched out of the bill (in the dead of night). So, it's true...he IS at fault for this mess, but he manages to take the blame without really taking the blame or allowing the truth to come out.

Oh...and during that little question and answer thing, one reporter asked him two questions. One question was about the bonuses and the other question was about the exorbitant amount of money that Obama got from AIG for his campaign. He only answered the one question about AIG bonuses (and said how "angry" he was about the bonuses and how he was doing every thing in his power to be sure that the bonus money is returned) and he totally ignored the question about all the money that AIG gave him and Dodd. Of course, none of the media asked him to answer that question, they just moved on. Cowards.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, ME!

Oh, yes - "the buck stops here" until he finds some aide to blame it on, or forces one of his supporters to fall on his own sword...Amazing how Dodd has had to take ALL of the blame for this all of a sudden, when they KNOW that Emaneul, Reid, and Pelosi worked on it! It is really something.

I have another post I'm working on for tomorrow on all of this AIG stuff. But imagine my surprise a few minutes ago when I did a quick Google search to get a link, and several articles came up abt Obama and his AGI contributions! Who knew?? Ahem.

Thanks for the great comment, ME!!