Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What Is WRONG With These People?!?!

Oh, brother. I just happened to see the following video last night, and could not believe the first story in it. I had to look it up for myself. Anyway, here is the video:

Can you believe that about the school changing its name to Barack Obama Elementary?? Sadly, it is true. Here is the article: New York School Changes Name to Barack Obama Elementary,

Some public figures wait a lifetime — or longer — to see their names affixed to airports, bridges and public schools.

Not so Barack Obama.

In what appears to be a national first, the school board in Hempstead, N.Y., has voted unanimously to change the name of its 460-student Ludlum Elementary School to Barack Obama Elementary School.

Officials hope to hold a name-changing ceremony shortly after the new year begins. Such quick action could put the 47-year-old president-elect's name on a public institution even before his inauguration Jan. 20. "I think we were still caught up in the moment," principal Jean Bligen said.

Like many across Long Island, Hempstead students followed the campaign closely. Students at the former Ludlum School held a mock debate, and a straw ballot there in grades 3-5 produced 257 votes for Obama, 28 for opponent Sen. John McCain.

The school's enrollment is 62 percent Hispanic and 36 percent African-American. Several students come from Africa, and many more come from El Salvador, Guatemala, Ecuador and Puerto Rico.

"For me, we made history," said Teonte Jackson, 11, a fifth-grader who played Obama in the debate. "I feel really proud to have an African-American president. I don't think it's a racial thing. I think he will bring everybody together."

Here's the thing. If they indeed did follow this election closely, did it not ever bother any of these TEACHERS that Obama refused to provide his transcripts? ANY of his transcripts from any three of the institutions of higher learning he attended? It didn't bother ANY of them that he treated women so poorly? It didn't bother them at all that he PLAGIARIZED his speeches and policies?? All because he is half black, he gets a school named after him?? He has done VERY little on his own, as I have been saying for months, and as the video above details.

Oh, but you know there is more:
Clear Stream Avenue School in Valley Stream will also consider a renaming resolution next month, The Associated Press reported.

Eileen Garbe, who teaches fifth grade at the former Ludlum School, said the election provided a "monumental" opportunity to bring history alive for students. She plans to retire in about a year and a half after 20 years of teaching. "Isn't this a wonderful way to go out?" she said.

A photo of Obama already hangs in the school's office. Coincidentally, since September the school has been sending hundreds of books to an orphanage in Kenya, the home of Obama's late father, even before the idea of a name change took hold.

The idea began to jell after another fifth-grade teacher asked students Jalani Johnson and Samantha Alburez, both 10, to write essays on why their school should be named for Obama.

Interim Superintendent Joseph Laria praised both students and adults for urging the name change at the Thursday school board meeting. The board's vote was 5-0.

As he voted, board president Charles Renfroe thought of his own fifth-grade teacher, Artiebelle Lowe, who worked in a segregated, two-room schoolhouse in rural Alabama.

Renfroe still recalls her joy at the news in 1955 that a Montgomery, Ala., seamstress named Rosa Parks had defied Jim Crow laws by refusing to move to the rear of a bus. "I just wish she could be around today to see how far we've come," Renfroe said of his former teacher.

"I think this will unite us," said another board member, Betty Cross, who has differed with the board on other issues.

Hempstead Village Mayor Wayne Hall said naming the school after Obama is appropriate. "The fact that he was elected on Nov. 4 as the first African American is the achievement," Hall said. "He doesn't have to do anything else. The fact that he was elected is the ultimate achievement for all Americans."

A Web search finds no mention of other schools or public facilities in the United States named for Obama, though such moves are being advocated in Calumet City, Ill., and Portland, Ore.

Geezy pete. JUST because he is half African and half American is sufficient. Wow. That seems like a mighty low threshold to me, but hey - maybe I expect too much. Again, it just shocks and appalls me that these teachers are completely ignoring the reality of how Obama got to where he is - the lying, cheating, stealing, misogyny, homophobia, and deception (to name a few). If they were truly following this election closely, they would have to know on SOME level that what they are doing is all about color of the skin, and NOT character. What the hell kind of message is THAT to be sending to our young people??? No wonder so many of our youth are cheating, lying, and plagiarizing - they see that success comes to those who cheat their way to the top, with no recrimination whatsoever. Wow.

And on a final note of disgust, this was the very end of the article:
In Antigua, the prime minister has said he's taking measures to have the island's highest peak renamed Mount Obama, according to the AP.

A school in Kogelo, Kenya, birthplace of Obama's father, was named for the president-elect after he was elected senator.

ANTIGUA??? What the hell does Obama have to do with ANTIGUA??? Kenya maybe, but holy cow, these people have drunk way too much kool aide...


insightanalytical said...

It's totally insane, isn't? A creation of the media and the DNC to the point of hysteria...Did you see the slam about the former first ladies in my roundup?? It's all so PERSONAL...the obverse of Clinton hatred...by the way, the ugly Hillary pictures are already showing up on FOX...

Please stop by and take a journey of renewal with me...some wonderful pictures of NM that will hopefully lift your spirits...

The Other Side of the Mountain


Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, Insight!

You are right - it is insane. This whole "election" year has been insane - the actions of the MSM, DNC, Obama, his minions...I thought Bush and Co. were bad. What they did was child's play compared to this year.

Absolutely, I'll come by your place! Right now, in fact! Thanks!

SFIndiePUMA said...

"The fact that he was elected on Nov. 4 as the first African American is the achievement," Hall said. "He doesn't have to do anything else."

What???? All this adulation for a man who has accomplished nothing in his life except bully his way to being POTUS? It's a slap in the face to every man and woman who has ever dedicated their lives, and sometimes even given their lives, for the betterment of their fellow human beings.

I wonder what the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. might say at the statement, "He doesn't have to do anything else." Getting (s)elected is it? He doesn't have to do anything else with his life? He doesn't have to accomplish anything at all? The color of his skin is his accomplishment? (By the way, Mayor Hall, Obama is NOT African American, he's bi-racial.)

I never had the honor of meeting Rev. King, so I'm only guessing here, but somehow I don't think he'd agree that Obama's one and only accomplishment, the one that accords him all this mindless worship, is enough to warrant all this mindless worship!

I feel like I'm living an episode of the twilight zone, and I want to wake up now, please!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

SFIndie -

I know, it's amazing, isn't it? His only major accomplishment is something over which he had ZERO control!! It is absolutely mind-boggling...

And I think you are spot on abt MLK. Isn't this the exact OPPOSITE thing he said he wanted??

Twilight Zone indeed. That pretty much sums it up, SFIndie!

bluelyon said...

Wow. Just wow. This is creepier than anything.

In my neck of the woods, they had a big controversy about naming a school after a slain police officer because the policy has always been that if a school chooses to use a person's name, that the person had to have been an educator. Anyway, it did get approved, but at least one can see why!

Seriously, all he has to do was get elected? Who knew?

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

It's amazing, isn't it, Bluelyon?? Heck, I think all he HAD to do was be BORN, according to the mayor's logic!

As SFIndie said, we are in the Twilight Zone. When the only accomplishment needed for such an honor is one's skin color, nothing else abt them. For a SCHOOL!!!

I think you make the point well, Bluelyon - anyone else would have to have done SOMETHING real for such an honor. Not Obama. He just has to BE. BLECH.