Friday, December 5, 2008

Onion "News" About Bill Clinton

Well, you know I am not all that crazy about Hillary Clinton being the Secretary of State for Barack Obama because I do not trust him. As it is, he is already complicating her job by appointing a special Middle East Envoy who will report directly to HIM as opposed to the Secretary of State, as well as by elevating the position of UN Ambassador, to which he appointed Dr. Susan Rice, to a Cabinet Level position, already makes Clinton's job more difficult. Oh, and Dr. Rice's position is particularly galling because she claimed Colin Powell proved Iraq had WMD. Well, not to many of us, but what did we know? Oh, yeah - we were RIGHT. Anywho, so much for all those Obama supporters who claimed his anti-war stance was the most important reason to vote for him. HAHAHAHA. Ahem. I am certain they will find a way to spin that, too...

Of course, I want what is best for Senator Clinton, and what is best for this country. And I HOPE that Obama isn't just setting her up to fail, or to take the blame for his errors. If that proves to be the case, and I hope it doesn't, don't say I didn't warn ya.

So, in order for Hillary Clinton to be able to take this position, her husband had to be willing to have his donors and speeches be more transparent and accessible to the POTUS. And with that, we have this article from The Onion (and for those who don't know, its a parody-based "news" source): Bill Clinton Agrees To Disclose Guacamole Recipe

WASHINGTON—In a major stride toward increased transparency of former presidents' culinary activities, Bill Clinton agreed Monday to disclose a highly guarded guacamole recipe—including a full list of ingredients—so that his wife, Sen. Hillary Clinton, can be named the next Secretary of State. "President Clinton's efforts will help us avoid any potential ethical problems that the continued secrecy of the preparation instructions for this delicious Mexican appetizer could cause," said Obama transition team spokesperson Ian Gloucester, who added that the recipe will be vetted for any undue foreign influence from Middle Eastern flavors such as cumin. "We're just trying to steer clear of the issues that would arise if this dish was to be served in the White House, and it was discovered that the provenance of the recipe was less than savory." Administration insiders said that if the guacamole recipe is traced back to celebrity television chef Rachael Ray, Sen. Clinton will be compelled to decline her nomination.

That President Clinton - he is wiling to do ANYTHING for his lovely wife...I wonder if he really IS being considered for her Senate seat? Wouldn't THAT be a kick???

Because I have been talking about our students, teachers, and schools of late, I give you this video, also from The Onion:

In The Know: Are Our Children Learning Enough About Whales?

It's Friday, people - hope this gives you a laugh.


insightanalytical said...

Hi, Rev. Amy!!

I agree with your concerns...and went to do a little research...with a BIG HAT TIP TO YOU!!!!

Will Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State Be Undermined by the Appointment of a Middle East Envoy? See What MESH Thinks…

H/T to Rev. Amy...I delve further into what the possible scenarios could be about the possible appointment of a special envoy by visiting MESH and seeing some key observations from the experts….

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Great post, Grl!! And thanks for the H/T! I hope to see this post over at NQ soon!