Thursday, December 4, 2008

Calling Out Sexism?

Oh, yes, Campbell Brown calls Gov. Rendell to task for his sexist comments about Gov. Napolitano. No doubt about it, what he said was sexist. Honestly, and sadly, it was one of the milder examples we have seen this year. Here is Campbell Brown, and Gov. Rendell:

During the election, she calls out Senator McCain for HIS sexist behavior toward Gov. Sarah Palin for not "allowing" her to answer questions:

Funny - she had no qualms making derogatory statements about Palin herself. Listen to what she says as she describes Palin's press conference, as well as other comments throughout the video:

And how about THIS little rant during the election (not the best video, but the first part is important. Feel free to skip the Bill O'Reily piece - I kinda tuned him out myself):

Isn't this EXACTLY what she is complaining about with Gov. Rendell, that he is holding women to a different standard than MEN? And here she does EXACTLY that. How DARE Gov. Palin have five kids, one of whom is pregnant, and now in the spotlight???

But then, she comes back with this, allegedly in support of Palin:

What a convenient way for Brown to rehash the lies spread by those Republican aides. Turns out NONE of those "facts" (e.g., didn't know Africa was a continent, etc.) was actually true. But, hey, Campbell, don't let that stop you! Oh, wait - it hasn't. Nice little knife in the back there under the guise of standing up for her. Wow.

Now, this is JUST Palin. I haven't even gotten to how she acted toward Hillary Clinton during the entire primary period, especially the debates! There just is not enough time in the day to find them all, but this one is at least funny. Maybe because it was on SNL and was supposed to be a parody:

Funny, right? What isn't is Campbell Brown's hypocrisy on the issue of sexism, which, as many of us have noted, has been pervasive throughout this entire election season. I guess it's okay for Campbell Brown to be sexist since she's a woman and all. Cough, choke. But, you just keep calling out everyone else under the guise of exposing their sexism while making sexist comments yourself, Campbell. Some of us actually do see through you and your veiled attacks on powerful women.

Really, you have no place to talk. You are as bad as Gov. Rendell, and actually, worse. So spare us your hypocritical "Bull Sessions," Campbell. Now that both powerful women have been drummed out, with your help, I might add, I suppose it is "safe" for you speak out about Gov. Napolitano without the underlying digs like you did to Palin and Clinton. Oh, and because, of course, it supports The One and His choices. How very transparent.

But thanks for playing, Campbell. Actually, no thanks. Just save it already.

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