Thursday, December 25, 2008

A True Christmas Story

The other day, Truthteller had an open thread at No Quarter about a beloved, beautiful, cat who died last year. One of No Quarter's readers, Georgia, submitted the following comment, which is reprinted here with her permission. It's an amazing story, and absolutely perfect for the celebration of Christmas, of birth and rebirth, today.
I have a true story to tell, just in time for Christmas about Chaz, a 17 year old Golden Retriever. Last Christmas, he was very close to death. Our vet had taken a number of tests and said he had no Liver function, no thyroid function, and was in congestive heart failure. At best he gave him two weeks to live. He suggested I put him down. I just wasn’t ready to face that reality and refused. So I took him home all the while hoping for the best. In my heart, I prayed it wouldn’t come over the holidays. I really didn’t think I could handle that.

One week later, on Christmas Eve, my family had arrived from out of town and all was well except for Chaz. He was rapidly going down hill. I was up late that night finishing some last minute holiday baking. It was well past midnight when I finally went to bed but awoke abruptly at 2 am with the sound of Chaz struggling to breathe. This was my biggest fear, he was going to die on Christmas! I became panicked.

I got out of bed, sat on the floor, and held my beloved Chaz in my arms and began to pray. I begged God not to take him. I pleaded with him not to take him tonight of all nights, on Christmas Eve. And if it was his will, would he please heal him. Miraculously, and I do believe it was divine intervention, Chaz was healed that night. In fact, in January I took him back to the vet to be retested. All of Chaz’s tests came back normal. The Vet was so mystified he thought the lab samples had been mixed up. He called me and asked me to bring Chaz back in as there had to be some mistake. I assured the vet I didn’t think that was the case and no further tests were necessary.

Every day since then, I look at this sweet animal (above) and realize what I gift I was given. Now, one year has passed and Chaz is still here with us. Yes, he is in frail health, but he’s hanging in there. He’s always been a chow hound so I’ve been feeding him a few more special treats that in the past. (like steak, fresh salmon etc) You can’t discount his will to live and in his case the will to see his next meal. So from Chaz to all my friends on No Quarter we want to wish you all a Blessed Christmas and BTW …. Chaz is dreaming of his Christmas Turkey!

Truly a Christmas miracle story. Thank you, Georgia, for sharing this with us, and allowing me to post it. Many blessings on you, your family, Chaz, and everyone this Christmas Day!

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