Tuesday, December 9, 2008

This Is What Is Wrong With The Democratic Party - Updated WITH VIDEO

That men like James Carville do not see why blatant disrespect for women in this manner is a problem. I am speaking, of course, of the Favreau photograph. You know, this one:

Of course, the former Romney spokesman wasn't much better, but he did not go off like Carville did about how this is a non-issue, people are stupid if they think it is (paraphrasing just a tad) and Favreau is SO talented. What a freaking jackass. Major H/T to SFIndiePuma via Riverdaughter for providing this video link:

As if I had not already lost respect for Carville over his actions during the Primary/Election. Why is someone like him still speaking for the Democrats?? As long as they have people like HIM speaking for them, especially on WOMEN'S issues, I won't touch 'em with a ten foot pole. Jagoff.

Believe it or not, I wasn't even planning on writing about this today - I was GOING to talk about how Governor Blagojevich of IL was just thrown into the Federal slammer. Oh, and how the governor is trying to pressure Bank of America to give into the Republic Window and Door company in Chicago that shut its doors without paying the employees their severance pay (Bank of America is the one that provided a LOAN to the company that shut down). That had been my plan. But then I saw the video of that assholic Carville, and just had to share.

Holy crap. No wonder things suck for women in this country when you have people like that on national television downplaying it as a non-issue and BERATING those of us who want this sexist pig held accountable. The Old Boys Club is not just alive and well, it is taking in new members. Disgusting. And I am disgusted at what this party has become. It has lost its way. It has lost, no, it sold, its soul this year. And women are paying the price for it.

As for Blagojevich being arrested for , though, it couldn't happen to a more deserving man. Too bad it didn't happen sooner, but hey - there's still time, right? Not that Teflon Man's minions aren't already explaining this one away. Whatever. But somewhere, way deep down inside, they know that where there is smoke, there is fire. And Obama's associates have been burning for a while now - they just refuse to, or cannot, admit it. Eventually, it will sink in. At least I hope so.


SFIndiePUMA said...

Rev Amy, I actually found the link at Riverdaughter's site: Et tu, James?
Posted today by myiq2xu

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Oh, thanks, SFIndie - I'll make a note of that.

I tell ya - Jim Carville has turned out to be such a JERK. Can't believe I used to like the guy...

Amarissa said...

I saw Carville live when he made the comments, I almost threw a shoe at my tv set! I could not believe what I was seeing! I also lost respect for him a loooooong time ago!

Cindy said...

Rev. Amy,
Thanks for posting this again! As I wrote over on No Q, we can't be reminded of this enough!
I am terribly disappointed in Carville. He was my boss for 2 years back in the early 1980's, and at that time he was the most hard working, thoughtful progressive you could find. We both had roots in Louisiana, so
I felt a kinship towards him. After he married Mary Matalin, he was never quite the same, in my opinion. And now, he's just a shill for whatever the hell you would call the Democratic Party now. I call it unrecognizable, for one thing!
On another personal note, yesterday I sent a very nice (email) letter of concern to all of my friends, with the link to the "New Agenda" website with the Favreau picture. (my "close" friends are ALL Obama-philes now!). I have not heard ONE word back from any of them. It breaks my heart. They simply do NOT care about sexism. And sexism IS the silent, killer disease in this culture. Just heartbreaking!
Thanks for all that you do, Amy, to keep us informed and involved. And thankyou for giving glimpses of hope, from time to time, especially to those of us who have no close friends left, with whom we can commiserate.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

LOL, Amarissa - I can totally relate to that feeling. Is it really possible that he DOESN'T realize what a jerk he has become defending a guy like this who, frankly, isn't that great a writer, unless you think a plagiarist is a great writer!!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Cindy, that must be so hard for you, to actually ave KNOWN and worked for Carville to see him become the jackass he is today. The one GOOD thing he said in this campaign was calling Bill Richardson a "Judas." It was actually TRUE, and seemed to reflect the old Carville.

You're right - he has jsut become a shill.

Interesting theory abt his marriage to Matalin. I saw them together in the Charlotte airport not long ago. THey were sitting at a table across from us at Chili's. I don't think they spoke to each other the entire time, or if they did, it was minimal.

And I know just what you mean abt the family/friends thing, Cindy - my sister had sent me an article abt some jackass, so I sent her back the photo of Favreau and the WaPo link, sayin, "Now THIS is a jackass - the 27 yr old Obama speechwriter who made everyone swoon." Bear in mind that she SLAMMED me for not voting for Obama claiming I had lost my way after being a founding member of NOW in my city at the age of 18, and on and on and on. I told her that if SHE had really cared abt Women's Rights, she NEVER would have supported Obama over Clinton in the first damn place. And she had no right to question my commitment to women and poor people after all I have done in my life for both groups (far, far more than she ever has). It was insulting, to say the least. Especially with Obama paying women less, making horrendously sexist statements abt women and issues of choice, all of that. These people are just blind..

Oh, thank YOU, Cindy, Amarissa, and SFIndie, for staying strong to the REALITY based community during this difficult time.

Cindy said...

Rev. Amy---- I will stop complaining, now that you've told us how your own sister has acted! I am so sorry for you! Bless your heart.
Thanks, again, for all that you do.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Oh, Cindy, it is important for us to be able to talk abt these things. I definitely want to hear abt your experiences this year. It has been a real eye-opener, hasn't it?

And here's the thing - my sister never even ACKNOWLEDGED my response to her. That was typical, too - she'd seen some Obama worship thing, and when I would respond, she'd rarely, if EVER, address what I said. Very frustrating, especially since I took a lot of time to answer her...Sheesh.

Cindy said...

Rev. Amy----If my husband and I had a nickel for every time we've said that this political season has been an eye-opener, we'd be filthy rich! It has been like nothing we've seen before in 40 years of being active in Democratic politics. And as you know, this has been a LONELY season for many of us! You know that all too well with your sister, I'm sure. When you're not even allowed a good healthy dialogue (as you said with your sister who tends to ignore you)it is so frustrating! Don't these people see that cutting-off conversations and denying exchange of ideas is exactly what the right-wing extremists/fundamentalists did to us years ago?? They were not interested in ANYTHING a liberal had to say, because we were all totally wrong and demonic. And now, the Obama-philes have adopted the very same strategy. How can they NOT see that? It is the greatest mystery of this century.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, Cindy -

Oh, I hear ya - a whole bunch of us would be filthy rich, wouldn't we?

Sadly, it isn't JUST my sister - my oldest brother, a major Obama fawner, told me I had lost my mind simply because I defended the horrible attack ad on McCain not being able to use a computer because of his war injuries. That alone got me that kind of comment. Just because I didn't jump on the Obama bandwagon and found an ad targeting someone based on a disability form being TORTURED as unacceptable. Go figure!

Oh, and another brother, a prof, dismissed the whole plagiarism thing, bought all of the crap abt Hillary (wonder how he feels NOW after regurgitating the whole "Hillary was basically having tea parties for her foreign policy experience" and other Obama lies abt her - teehee! That was one of the only good things abt Hillary being SoS-elect: the effect on Obamabots when they heard the news. Even if they will never verbally admit it...).

You are so right - it's like the left-wingers, of whom I was previously one until this year, are acting EXACTLY like the Bushits did all that time. And you know no matter WHAT Obama does, or has done, there will be this core group that will stand by him no matter what, just like that core group that still supports Bush. It just does not cease to amaze me - all of the things we complained abt with Bush when he was running are A-Okay since it's Obama. WTH with THAT?!?!

Cindy said...

Rev. Amy----And so, your brothers, too?? You poor dear! I mean it. You must feel like an orphan! Something you said earlier about your sister not having done as much for women and the poor. That really struck another familiar chord. It reminded me of my husband's law partner (an Obama supporter) who has worked on "world
hunger" for more than 20 years but he's never actually fed anyone with his own hands. People like this see "issues" instead of individual human needs. That is what, I think, allows them to remain detached and live in a theoretical world. My hubby and I spent years feeding the homeless WITH OUR OWN HANDS, going into "Hobo" camps at night, etc. (we also have worked with poor, elderly nursing home patients). EVERY friend of ours who is an Obama supporter, and I mean each and EVERY one, is a person who loves the theory of being a touchy-feely, Kumbayah do-gooder, but does NOT enjoy getting down and dirty with those for whom they "care" so much!
Maybe, for those of us who WILL get our hands dirty in the reality of the world around us, this is why we see Obama from a very different perspective??

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, Cindy -

You are too kind. Thank you!

You know, I think you have hit the nail on the head. There IS a difference between those of us who have actually walked the walk, and those who just talk the talk (though one of my brothers does actually do stuff through his church).

So, yeah - while I was actually out marching, running, protesting, and working proactively for women's rights, my sister was staying at home. And the brother who told me I had lost my mind for not jumping on the Hope-y Change-y Unicorn train is a HUGE sexist pig (though he would deny that up one side and down the other - he thinks he's quite cosmopolitan).

It reminds me of an article I mentioned here recently in which the extent of the CHANGE was to push the button next to Obama's name for many of these people.

Good for you and your husband for actually doing the work for the people, Cindy. The world needs more people like y'all!!