Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Huh - Guess It WAS Sexism After All...

When Gov. Rendell made his obnoxious comment about Gov. Janet Napolitano. You may remember it from this Campbell Brown video:

Well, despite his protestations to the contrary, when Gov. Rendell decided to endorse CHRIS MATTHEWS in his run for the 2010 US Senate run in PA, he pretty much sealed his own place in the Sexist Hall of Fame. I mean, REALLY - how can he go from supporting Hillary Clinton to supporting one of the most sexist, misogynistic men in the MSM, who ROUTINELY demeaned and belittled Clinton??


And along those lines, did you catch Rahm Emmanuel complaining the other day that he couldn't walk and chew gum at the same time? Oh, no - that's not right. No, he said he couldn't be a father and answer a reporter's questions all at the same time. I am not kidding. It was in the Chicago Sun Times, regarding the whole Blagojevich debacle:
President-elect Barack Obama’s chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, refused to take questions from reporters this morning about whether he was the Obama “advisor” named in the criminal complaint against Gov. Rod Blagojevich...

Emanuel was uncharacteristically absent from Obama’s news conference this morning. He was spotted two hours later in the lobby of Chicago’s City Hall. He was there to listen to his two children performing in a concert with their school, Anshe Emet.

A Sun-Times reporter pressed him to comment about whether he was the emissary named in the criminal complaint.

“You’re wasting your time,” Emanuel said. “I’m not going to say a word to you. I’m going to do this with my children. Don't do that. I’m a father. I have two kids. I’m not going to do it.”

Asked, “Can’t you do both?” Emanuel replied, “I’m not as capable as you. I’m going to be a father. I’m allowed to be a father,” and he pushed the reporter’s digital recorder away.

Holy cow. Can you IMAGINE what would have happened if, say, PALIN had said that? Oh, here's a little example of the crapola said about HER being a parent:

Where the hell was Ed Schultz when Rahm Emmanuel couldn't even answer a SIMPLE question because he's a FATHER??? He's something - besides being a father. Let your imaginations go wild...But hey - I didn't hear any hew and cry from the Brotherhood of Sexist Men about THAT response, oh no.

Oh, but Schultz isn't the only one. Remember this little gem by Campbell Brown questioning Palin's fitness as a mother?

How about when Obama got all pissy with reporters for following him around when he took his two girls trick or treating? Oh, wow - can you IMAGINE if Hillary or Sarah or ANY WOMAN in public life got all cranky with the national media if they were out and about with their kids?? Whooey - the airwaves would be filled with the videos of them, over and over, with the predictable question of, "if they can't handle a little thing like this, how are the going to deal with National Security" or whatever the issue of the day is. Yeah. But Obama can tell these folks to get back on the bus, Gus, and with a very few exceptions, we don't hear a lot more about it. Just like the little Rahm fit.

Gwen "I Want to Help Obama Get Elected So My Book Is Relevant And Sells" Ifel asked Rep. Heather Wilson the wrong question. Rep. Wilson pretty much says it all about the vast discrepancies between the sexes, with some bonus discussion on how much more Palin was vetted than the other candidates:

It really is remarkable. Somehow, Governor Palin is capable of being governor of an entire state while having five children, and HER abilities are questioned all of the time. How DARE she not be there full time for her children!! Rahm Emmanuel has a hard time answering a question when he is at his kids' school to just LISTEN to a concert, and gets whiney about how he cannot do two things at once. Please. Don't use your kids as a damn excuse, Rahm. Funny - it seems you were capable of multi-tasking before, you know, talking to your good buddy, Rod, and being Obama's right hand man.

My advice, if you can't handle being a parent and a Representative/Obama tool, maybe you should give one of them up. I vote for giving up the Representative/Obama tool part. That would make one less Chicago politician in Washington, which would be just peachy with me. Just go home with your kids, Rahm. You can teach them all about Politics, the Chicago way! Make sure you tell them ALL about Uncle Hot Rod, Uncle Billy (Ayers), Uncle Tony (Rezko) while you're at it. Or maybe you could call Hillary and ask her how to do more than one thing at a time. I'm sure she could teach you how to walk and chew gum at the same time.


Cindy said...

Rev. Amy,
Thanks for the news you shared about Rahm wanting to separate his family life from what he's been doing politically. It reminded me of the following hilarious exchange (from the movie "All the President's Men"), between Ken Clawson (Nixon's Deputy Communications Director) and Ben Bradlee. It is so similar to what Rahm said! Maybe all crooks attend the same speech classes?!!
Here's the exchange.......
"Ken Clawson: Please, listen, now, if you're going to refer to that alleged conversation with Sally Aiken, you can't print that it took place in her apartment. I have a wife and a family and a dog and a cat.
Ben Bradlee: A wife and a family and a dog and a cat. Right, Ken, right, yeah. Uh, Ken, I don't want to print that you were in Sally's apartment...
Ken Clawson: Thank God.
Ben Bradlee: I just want to know what you said, in Sally's apartment."

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, Cindy!

LOL - thanks for the exchange. And I think you are right - they DO go to the same crook speech school...

It's amazing, isn't it, that this bozo can get away with saying that kind of crap??? Sheesh!

Thanks for the funny exchange!