Saturday, December 20, 2008

"Totally Synced Up"

That's what one of Obama's speechwriters said about Jon Favreau in this Washington Post article, Helping to Write History. That Obama and Favreau are "synced up." Well, that sure helps to explain a lot of things. Ahem. Yes, Mr. Favreau is currently hard at work writing Obama's big Inaugural speech. Um, surely the Obots did not think Obama was writing it himself, did they? Oh, I bet they did. Anywho, I find the very beginning of this article to be interesting (read: full of hooey):
The job requires him to work unnoticed, even in plain view, so Jon Favreau settles into a wooden chair at a busy Starbucks in the center of Penn Quarter. Deadline looms, and he needs to write at least half a page by the end of the day. As the espresso machines whir, Favreau opens his laptop, calls up a document titled "rough draft of inaugural" and goes to work on the most anticipated speech of Barack Obama's life.

Isn't this the very same paper that published THIS photo of Favreau:

And they think no one recognizes him? Yeah, okay. This is the extent of the Post's dealing with that reprehensible action by Favreau and his buddy:
Especially now, as Favreau and the rest of Obama's young staffers begin a transition that extends far beyond new job titles. Three months ago, Favreau lived in a group house with six friends in Chicago, where he rarely shaved, never cooked and sometimes stayed up to play video games until early morning. Now, he has transformed into what one friend called a "Washington political force" -- a minor celebrity with a down payment on a Dupont Circle condo, whose silly Facebook photos with a Hillary Rodham Clinton cutout created what passes for controversy in Obama's so far drama-free transition.

Blech. Blech. BLECH. The author completely dismisses the blatant sexism demonstrated by Jon Favreay. In his mind, it's just a silly little thing. Yes, Teflon Man isn't touched by ANYTHING, it seems, even the degrading treatment of his Secretary of State to be! Grrr.

Not to quibble, but the author thinks this has been a drama-free transition?? I guess this is where the MSM tells us what to think rather than report what actually happened. I am pretty sure more than a few people were shocked - SHOCKED - by Obama's choice of Secretary for State, for example. Dr. Rice? Susan Powers?? GATES (not that he was a bad choice, but all of those folks who thought Obama was going to immediately cease the Iraq war must have had mini-head explosions)? Bill Richardson, also under investigation for "Pay for Play"?? Seems like they are continuing to redefine words, just like they did for Bush. Now, surprise and outrage at choices will be considered "drama free"! Wow. Just sayin'.

Now, a whole lot of this article is singing Favreau's praises, so feel free to go read it for yourself. But there are several quotes that deal directly with the relationship between Obama and Favreau:
During the campaign, the buzz-cut 27-year-old at the corner table helped write and edit some of the most memorable speeches of any recent presidential candidate. When Obama moves to the White House next month, Favreau will join his staff as the youngest person ever to be selected as chief speechwriter. He helps shape almost every word Obama says, yet the two men have formed a concert so harmonized that Favreau's own voice disappears.

"He looks like he's in college and everybody calls him Favs, so you're like, 'This guy can't be for real, right?' " said Ben Rhodes, another Obama speechwriter. "But it doesn't take long to realize that he's totally synced up with Obama. . . . He has access to everything and everybody. There's a lot weighing on his shoulders."

Ah, yes, Favreau and Obama are all linked up:
Still more daunting is the list of things Favreau can't think about as he writes the inaugural. He went for a run to the Lincoln Memorial last month and stopped in his tracks when he imagined the mall packed with 3 million people listening to some of his words. A few weeks later, Favreau winced when Obama spokesman Bill Burton reminded him: "Dude, what you're writing is going to be hung up in people's living rooms!"

Oh, but just wait. It gets better: Obama sometimes jokes that Favreau is not so much a speechwriter as a mind reader.
He carries Obama's 1995 autobiography, "Dreams From My Father," with him almost everywhere and has memorized most of his famous keynote speech from the 2004 Democratic National Convention. He has mastered Obama's writing style -- short, elegant sentences -- and internalized his boss's tendency toward reflection and ideological balance.

So, let's be crystal clear here: all of those speeches that had people fawning all over Obama were written by a 27 yr old who lived in a house with 6 other people, often playing video games into all hours of the night (according to the article). And this man is completely simpatico with Obama. Competely:
In four years together, Obama and Favreau have perfected their writing process. Before most speeches, Obama meets with Favreau for an hour to explain what he wants to say. Favreau types notes on his laptop and takes a crack at the first draft. Obama edits and rewrites portions himself -- he is the better writer, Favreau insists -- and they usually work through final revisions together. If Favreau looks stressed, Obama sometimes reassures him: "Don't worry. I'm a writer, too, and I know that sometimes the muse hits you and sometimes it doesn't. We'll figure it out together."

"The president-elect understands that Jon is a rare talent. He knows what he's got," said Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor, who also worked in the Senate office. "There's a mutual respect and appreciation between them, and the president-elect trusts Jon's instincts and ability. It's a partnership."

Wow. Oh, the article goes on and on about Favreau, probably more information than you really want to know about this 27 year old who acted in an incredibly sexist manner toward Hillary Clinton.

Oh, and Favreau wrote the speech on race, too, with a little retooling from Obama. Huh. I wonder if Favreau also wrote Obama's "listen to what I say, not what I do" speech at his recent press conference, detailed in this Washington Post article, defense for why he chose Rick Warren to give his Inaugural Invocation:
President-elect Barack Obama this morning defended his choice of evangelical megapastor Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at next month's swearing-in, saying that although he differs with the conservative pastor on social issues, he wants to have diverse voices at the ceremony.

"I am a fierce advocate of equality for gay and lesbian Americans. It is something that I have been consistent on, and I intend to continue to be consistent on during my presidency," Obama said at a morning news conference to announce several financial appointments. "What I've also said is that it is important for America to come together, even though we may have disagreements on certain social issues...

"During the course of the entire inaugural festivities, there are going to be a wide range of viewpoints that are presented," Obama said. "And that's how it should be, because that's what America is about. Part of the magic of this country is that we are diverse and noisy and opinionated...

Obama added: "That dialogue, I think, is part of what my campaign's been all about: That we're not going to agree on every single issue, but what we have to do is be able to create an atmosphere where we can disagree without being disagreeable and then focus on those things that we hold in common as Americans."

Oh, well, okay. So we are not supposed to pay attention to what you DO, but what you say. And those of us who continue to be oppressed in this country should just go ahead and take it because Obama wants "diverse voices" at his inauguration. He thinks we should just go along to get along. Because THAT has worked out so well in the past. Hahahaha.

Apparently, Favreau and Obama don't understand that some of us actually do see through these false claims. When Obama, not his transition committee, but OBAMA, picks this minister to give the invocation out of ALL of the ministers in this entire country, then tells us that we should just take this huge slap in the face because, in his most patronizing fashion, we should just be able to accept differences.

See, it's OUR problem, not Obama's, for choosing this man. WE just need to get over it, and stop being upset that Obama purposely chose a minister who is opposed to same sex marriage, who is a creationist who thinks homosexuality should have already been weeded out of the gene pool (H/T to AF Catfish, alert NQ reader, and who is anti-choice. Once we let go that Obama surrounds himself with homophobes in the name of diversity, this won't be upsetting to us anymore. Got that? Good - lay off the man already, he's just trying to Unite us, after all, by choosing this Divider to kick off his gala. And if you don't get it this time, maybe the next speech Favreau writes will convince you. If not, Obama will re-tool it and sprinkle magic dust or something on it so you won't remember all of the other crap he's pulled. Hey, it's worked before for the 'N Sync team of Obama/Favreau, I'm sure it will work again.


SFIndie said...

...whose silly Facebook photos with a Hillary Rodham Clinton cutout ...

Maybe the Washington Post writers should read Uppity Woman’s post, “Hear THIS, Senseless and Complacent Women Who Are Amused By Enablers” Posted on December 17, 2008. I wonder if they’re smart enough to connect the dots from sexism and misogyny to violence against women. Probably not.

"I am a fierce advocate of equality for gay and lesbian Americans. It is something that I have been consistent on, and I intend to continue to be consistent on during my presidency," Obama said at a morning news conference to announce several financial appointments.

Can someone, anyone, point to any action he has taken that would confirm his statement???

"What we have to do is be able to create an atmosphere where we can disagree without being disagreeable”

Because I’m sure we can all agree that homophobia, sexism, and misogyny are not disagreeable at all, right? Just minor differences in our viewpoints. Wonder when David Duke is scheduled to expound upon his hopey-changey views on race and religion???

Are people really buying into Obama’s crap? Yeah, it’s a rhetorical question...

I think I'll go cuddle with my kitty now.

Anonymous said...

Amy, we really have to dig in and reclaim our power. As in tapping in to our "Inner Moons" again...Over the next few days we'll be trying to do just that! Anything to try to erase the callousness of what's going on...and endure the commercial crush of the spirit...

1. The Heart of the Season: Wise Words from a Young Old Soul

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

SFIndie, great comment. It really is astonishing the passes they give Obama when he has NOTHING but "words, just words" to back him up. His actions are quite the contrary.

And YES - that post of Uppity's is up at NQ right now. Great piece. As someone who worked a lot in the domestic violence realm, I can say while the laws have changed some, attitudes are still very much in need of changing. Obama and his minions proved that this year...

Good plan - kitty cuddling is just the thing to do!

Hey, Grl!

Amen, Grl - that's exactly right...