Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Weigh In On the Platforms

I got the following email from the other day. It is an important action, and I strongly urge you to take five minutes to do the survey:

Welcome to the Platfom Committee Issue! One of the missions of is to make sure that the Platform Committee of the Democratic National Convention hears Hillary's 18 million voters.

We've been derelict in our duty. While we were distracted by Obama's Rainbow Tour we ignored emails from the Obama campaign asking us to hold primary platform meetings and to submit our ideas to the DNC and the campaign. Forgive us. We look at all Obama campaign requests with a heavy dose of skepticism.

That was a a mistake. After some thought we've realized that we should never shrink from an opportunity to be heard. Moreover, while most Obama supporters probably had between 20 and 100 people at their meetings, we can send a message of what Hillary supporters all over the country want.

Take action now! Tonight we ask that you take part in our Virtual Platform Committee Meeting.

Right now, click on this link and take five minutes to tell us which planks you want in the platform and which ones you don't. You will be heard.

As always, continue to tell people to sign up at

And find our past actions and newsletters by clicking here.

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