Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Doing The Work...

While Obama is doing his cram session on the Middle East, using our tax-paying dollars to beef up his very, very thin resume (and frankly, one trip does NOT make him any more qualified on the Foreign Policy front) Senator Clinton continues to do the work of the People.

Senator Clinton, along with Senators Schumer, Lautenberg, and Menedez, are pushing the Bush Administration to keep the 9/11 Health Expert currently in place. Senator Clinton had this to say:
"The brave responders and residents who suffer from 9/11-related ailments deserve the best leadership and expertise from the federal government as it responds to these pressing problems. Unfortunately, by abruptly removing Dr. Howard, the administration is risking leaving these vital programs adrift at a critical time. We have asked for answers that the Administration has so far failed to provide, in a troubling display of indifference to the suffering of so many who sacrificed their health in the aftermath of these attacks," Senator Clinton said. "By extending Dr. Howard's contract, we can ensure continuity and competence at the federal level and reaffirm our commitment to helping those who helped New York in its hour of need."

Plenty is being written about Obama's little jaunt, including his NEW claim that he will be working with these people in Iraq and Iran for "8 - 10 years" (again, this guy is SUPPOSED to be a CONSTITUTIONAL scholar - but we have already seen how he over-inflates his resume, and apparently did so here as well), and telling the women journalists how they should dress while in the Middle East (oh, yes he did), so I will spare you more ranting about all of that - for now!! (And I will provide links to those articles later on - gotta run for now!) So, for the moment, I want to keep reminding us, and those pesky little SDs, why CLINTON needs to be the nominee!!


Mary Ellen said...

Obama was telling the women journalist how to dress? Is he also telling them to be sure they walk behind him at all times, to sit at the back of the plane, and to ask permission if they may speak to the master?

Yeah..this guy is very strange and there is a lot more that we aren't seeing.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Oh, just wait - I'm abt to post it.

You know damn well that's what he WANTS to say to them, "Sweetie!"
;-) Ahem.