Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Economy

So, the blaring headline today is that the next president is going to inherit a GAZILLION dollars in debt. Okay, that was not the exact figure. The actual figure is $482 BILLION, which does not include $ for the war.

So, once again, here is a video of Jim Cramer, from Mad Money on CNBC, telling Ellen Degeneres who is the BEST candidate for president in terms of dealing with the economy. That candidate is HILLARY CLINTON!!!!

OKAY, Superdelegates - REALLY - open your eyes! It is not Amateur Hour here. We already had one of those, and it has been DISASTROUS. Heck that guy was way more experienced than the guy the DNC is pushing now!! We simply cannot AFFORD another president who is getting on the job training. We need someone who has a good handle on the economic issues confronting the country, and the ability to lead us into economic stability. Hillary Clinton is the ONLY candidate to be able to do that. And really, there will be no hard feelings for your brief foray into the Obama camp. Unlike the Jesse Jackson, Jr.'s of the Obama camp, we will forgive and forget, as long as you come to your senses already, and realize this was just a crush, a passing fancy. But now it is time to get SERIOUS, and support the candidate who is best for the country. And who can beat John McCain with one hand tied behind her back. Don't worry - we'll have your backs against those rabid cultists. You can do it. We're right there with you. We NEED Clinton as the nominee. The COUNTRY needs Clinton as the nominee. All right. You can do it! We know you can.

You know - come to think of it, the DNC completely breaking with tradition and moving the Convention to August might be one of the best things they have done in a year. It has given the Superdelegates, and the rest of the country, the opportunity to see that Obama is not at all ready, or able, to lead this country. It has made it abundantly clear that only Hillary Clinton can beat John McCain. And that her plans and policies are what this country needs. Who woulda thunk it?!?

Okay, SDs - just come on back to the reality-based community. We are here for you!


Mary Ellen said...

Hi Amy-

Ya know, I thought that there might be a chance that the SD's would wake up out of their stuppor from their kool aide hangover,but I don't see that happening after reading some of the replies that people have gotten from these people. Not to mention, the DNC stripping the Hillary delegate of her voting powers in Wisconsin,that was a shot across the bow...a warning to all the other SD's to support Obama or else.

I happened to see the segment when Hillary was on Jim Cramer's show, Mad Money, and I tell you...it was a thing of beauty to behold. No matter what he asked her, she knew exactly what she was talking about. She knows the economy, better than any other candidate who has EVER run for President, IMO. Then I compared that to the lame answer that Obama gave on the Capital Gaines tax during the last debate. He was CLUELESS! He had NO idea what he was talking about.

The OBamabots are already setting Obama up with excuses about how he won't be able to fix the mess that Bush made and how he might not getus out of Iraq because of Bush and the economy can't be fixed because of Bush. They'll have plenty to blame Hillary and Bill Clinton for, also. They don't care if Obama fails, as long as they get their candidate in office...it's more of a sport to them than a responsibility to get a leader who can keep this country from falling into the abyss.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey there -

I saw that same episode - she was AMAZING! Hillary could talk abt the economy until the cos came home, knowledgeably, with good, solid ideas on how to deal with it. She really is just freakin' scary smart, and I think that's why those bozos just cannot handle her being prez - she'll show them up just by her sheer mastery, and without trying.

GeekLove has an EXCELLENT new video abt the SDs and money - have you seen it? It's over at Uppity's blog (and may be at No Quarter by now). It is amazingly telling, Mary Ellen. Just follow the money.

I know - I could not believe what happened with the delegate from Wisconsin. That was just reprehensible. I honestly do not know what happened to the DNC. I really don't. And, HOW could this happen?? How did we not see this coming in time to stop it??

Oh, you are spot on abt the Obama people - they just want to win, consequnces be damned. They don
t give a crap abt his flip flops, his shredding the Constitution, his inability to talk without a prompter, his inability to talk policy without someone telling him what to say...(Oh, there is no way in HELL he could have talked to Jim Cramer that long without some major notes. More like, he would have said, "Ah, um, uh, Well, LOOK, Jim..."

Dear goddess, what as HAPPENED to this country??