Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Jumped the Shark

I will make this short - WTF?!?! Someone clearly put the screws to Planned Parenthood, esepcially given the number of assholic comments Obama has made this past week - "women being blue," Mental distress" doesn't qualify as health of the mother, all of those incredibly offesnive comments he has made recently. Never mind his consistently sexist arrogance to women. But Planned Parenthood comes out NOW to endorse him?? You have got to be freakin' kidding me!! Why the heck did they not endorse CLINTON months ago?!?!?! Here's their email announcement. The link is enabled if you really want to waste your time hearing Obama claim just how much he cares about women's health:

Dear Amy,

Yesterday (that would be Monday), the Planned Parenthood Action Fund took a step closer to putting a pro-choice president in the White House by officially endorsing Senator Barack Obama for president.

As a committed supporter of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, you have a crucial role to play in making sure our next president is dedicated to improving health care for all women, men, and families. That's why I wanted you to be the first to know about our endorsement.

Senator Obama joined Planned Parenthood Action Fund members for a conference call to accept our endorsement. Click here to watch my video announcement of the endorsement, and to hear Senator Obama's message to Planned Parenthood Action Fund supporters.

This is a historic moment for our organization — it is only the second time in our long history that we have endorsed a candidate for president. We are confident that Senator Obama will be a strong leader and advocate for women's health, and, with your help, we will focus all of our efforts in the next four months on getting him elected.

Here's what you can do right now to help:

Watch my brief video endorsement. Then, forward it to everyone you know who cares about the future of women's health care in America.
Join the One Million Strong Campaign to support pro-choice candidates, pass laws and policies that support women's health, defeat anti-choice ballot measures, and turn out one million pro-choice voters in November 2008! (If you've already signed up, thank you! And please click here to urge your friends and family to join the campaign.)
Make a donation to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. Anti-choice organizations will be putting everything they've got into this election. We need all the support we can get to match their efforts and to help pro-choice voters get to the polls in November.
Recent polling shows that Planned Parenthood is among the most trusted sources of health care services and information in the country. This election season, voters will be looking to us for answers on the candidates and where they stand on the most important issues. We will make a big difference this election just by telling voters the truth about Senator Obama's strong pro-choice and pro-women's health record — and by turning out one million pro-choice voters in November.

You can help us make it happen. Click here to watch the videos and get started now.

Over the next four months, I'll be keeping you updated on what we're doing to secure a woman's right to reproductive choice and to elect Senator Obama, and also letting you know how you can help. Thank you in advance for everything you do this election season.


Cecile Richards, President
Planned Parenthood Action Fund

Just in case you are wondering, not only did I not give them any more money (and never WILL), but demanded they remove me from their email and paper mail lists. This is another group for which I have lost ALL respect. Frankly, Ms. Richards should be ashamed of herself for selling women out, because that is just what she did. I can understand not wanting to endorse McCain, but they didn't HAVE to endorse anyone!!! And to do so now, after Obama's offensive comments??? Very, very telling - and what it says ain't good!!


Mary Ellen said...

I have absolutely no idea what this is all about. I was equally shocked when Kerry was running that the AARP endorsed Bush. Why these people insist on endorsing people against their own best interest is beyond me.

Obama has done NOTHING for women's rights, nada, zip, zero. He talks about it, but never follows through. I mean, look at how he talks about equal pay for women and then we find out that he paid the women on his campaign staff less than the men for equal work. He's a bamboozler, a scam artist, a snake oil salesman.

I'm glad you forcefully told them to take a flying leap.

I swear, Amy, it's like our country is in a mass hypnotic state or something. Sometimes I wonder if this is all just a bad dream. It's like something out of a movie, watching people in our own party lose all sense of direction.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey there -

I know - I just do not get organizations supporting people who are opposed to their interests! I mean, really - Planned Parenthood didn't have to endorse ANYONE, but especially after all of the crapola Obama spewed this past week!! Just ridiculous - I swear, I think Obama's camp pushed them HARD to endorse him to make up for all of that. And why women's groups in particular would SUBMIT to someone like that is beyond me. Just shocking.

I agree COMPLETELY - it's like people are alking abt in some drub-induced haze. Though I have to say, SOME people are finally breaking out. Our paper had an Editorial cartoon today attacking Obama for his rush to the Right, and leaving his base behind, which it ran beside the Bob Herbert piece critical of Obama (though with a completely gratuitous sipe at President Clinton - again - I have lost SO much respect for these people for whom Clinton did so much and who are STILL stabbing him in the back - GRRR).

Did you see that Hillary voted AGAINST FISA??? Big surprise! Still not too late for those damn SDs to DO THEIR JOBS!!!

LindaA1 said...

Gloria Feldt who is formerly president of both the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and the Planned Parenthood Action Fund posted an article on her website just last night titled WHY I'M NOT WRITING THAT CHECK TO OBAMA TODAY!

Gloria is a Hillary supporter now Obama supporter.

You can hear the ceiling cracking more every day as alarm spreads thoughout Obamaland.


Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Oh, wow! Thanks for letting me know, Linda! Well, it's abt damn time, but honestly - like when I was reading the Bob Herbert piece today, I just kept shaking my head. Bob said something abt how people's eyes are starting to open, not that they didn't expect SOME pandering, but Obama has really gone too far. My thought is that no one KNEW what he was going to do because he HAS NO RECORD on which to stand! He has pulled the wool over ALL of these people's eyes, and they have no one to blame but themselves, IMHO...

LindaA1 said...

I gotta say, Amy, I'm astonished by the similarities found in everyday sexual abuse and the sick relationship developing between Obama and his women supporters.

I don't understand how seemingly intelligent Hillary supporting women allowed themselves to be so fooled by this banal, transparent egomaniac who apparently has no core principles worth his fidelity.

The pro-Hillary now Obama sites are brimming with posts proclaiming alarm, confusion and growing desperation in the face of the Chosen One's new "I gotcha - now screw you" platform.

Yet, through this day at least, they are sticking with him - still not believing their (lying) eyes and ears.

They remind me of a family who begins to realize there's a child molester in the house. They pretend it's not happening. They HOPE he will CHANGE and not do it again. They grit their teeth and try to get used to him.

As for Obama, his minions have raised less than $100,000 to retire Hillary's debt. Last night at their joint fundraiser, he walked off the stage without even asking for Hillary debt donations. He actually had to be called back to the podium to make the request - which he did in his usual snide and arrogant way. I'm sure the clip will show up on UTube. So much for how devoted he is to respecting Hillary Clinton.

As for his Hillary turned Obama supporters, many are posting furiously about what they can do to CHANGE OBAMA into what they thought he was.

Funny, huh? Actually not.

Capture. Isolate. Abuse. Apologize. Test abuse limits. Make excuses. Express love and loyalty throughout the process.

Now tell me, is that the silent battered woman in the ER or is that millions of Obama women still hiding their pain?

Hey, hey everybody! We all need to get ready for a NATIONAL INTERVENTION!