Saturday, July 12, 2008

Thank you Obama for voting for FISA

That is "snark," as you will see when you watch this video. Thanks, Kendall, for letting me know about it!

Amen, brother - you are right - Americans SHOULD be up in arms over this. Our fundamental rights are systematically being taken away, with very little acknowledgment of the ramifications. It is shocking that ANY political party in the United States would actively work to dismantle our Constitutional Rights, but for DEMOCRATS to do so is especially egregious. And shocking.

Ironically, before Kendall sent me this link, I had dropped by TalkLeft. Big Tent Democrat just so happened to have a little quote from my "friend," Andrew Sullivan, the one who nominated me for a (Michael) Moore award for pointing out the glaringly obvious abuse circle in which Hillary and Obama, hell, the whole Democratic Party, are embroiled (how's THAT for bitter, Andy??). Lo, and behold, Andrew Sullivan's latest in The Atlantic is on FISA. Oh, he is not raging against it, oh no. Well, heck - just read it for yourself:

Some of you have wondered how my passionate opposition to torture can be reconciled with my tolerance of the new FISA regime. And the invasion of our correspondence and communications by the government is indeed a threat to liberty; and there is no denying that our liberties have been seriously eroded by the last few years in this respect. I just understand that some loss is defensible in the war we now fight, and wire-tapping, if monitored by the Congress, a FISA court, as well as the executive is a price we may have to pay to keep our intelligence accurate. Torture, on the other hand, is a far more invasive attack on liberty, a threat to reliable intelligence, a danger to our own troops, a violation of treaty obligations, and an act of human cruelty inimical to the core meaning of the West.

Here's a little newsflash for you, Andy Boy. Taking away just ONE of our civil liberties is damned dangerous. Period. It is a downward spiral that can be justified by the very same machinations you have employed - notice I did not say LOGIC, because that is glaringly absent in this lame attempt to prop up Obama's betrayal of the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights. And note - it did not take long for that to happen, did it? Um, no. But where does it stop? You seem all too willing to concede your right to privacy in your correspondence and conversations. I admit, I haven't known too many journalists who were willing to freely give that right up, much less ordinary citizens. Journalists have gone to jail to protect their contacts. But hey - it is certainly your option to concede your privacy rights, but I'd like to keep all of mine, thank you so very much. Like I said, who knows what will be next? Because once you start taking away people's civil liberties, what is left for us? What recourse do we have? Civil? That's a laugh. Legal? I'm rolling on the floor laughing my head off now. We won't have ANY recourse, and that is the point. We will not have any recourse against our own government.

And to try to justify the US government eroding the civil liberties of ALL of its citizens by comparing it to something else heinous, is a false dichotomy. They are both heinous enterprises for a government to utilize, whether against its own citizens or its enemies. Though I support an argument can be made if a country eradicates the rights of its citizens it has turned them IN to its enemies...

It is amazing that someone, especially someone who grew up in England, can dismiss how quickly governments can move to abuse their power with their own citizenry. Here are just two easy examples: the USSR, and Germany. What more do I possibly need to say? Just this - our Founders sure understood the very real risks of a government that treated its citizens as pawns, and did all they could to creat a Constitution that would protect us against such abuses. That we now have a law on the books that violates those very protections is shameful to say the very least. But that this abuse was assisted by a man who claimed to stand for the Constitution, and would do all in his power to protect it, bu caved at the very first second, speaks volumes about that candidate. And volumes about those who stood with the people.

We must speak out. We must have the candidate who stands with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Contact your Senators and Congresspeople. Contact the DNC and tell them you will not support a candidate who does not support civil rights. We must have someone who will act to restore our rights. Now, Now is the time


Mary Ellen said...

I can't believe how naive and utterly ignorant the Obama supporters are regarding this issue. They honestly believe that it's ok for the President to have this power, to spy on us, because they are convinced that Obama will "keep in it control". They are totally clueless. I wonder if they would still be ok with having all of our free speech stifled, in the name of "unity". All Obama has to do is say it's for our own safety and good, and those brain-dead zombies just repeat it and accept it!

They are totally out of touch with reality.

Oh, and I just saw a video today of some young voter, maybe teen or early 20's, giving 10 reasons why we shouldn't vote for McCain. He started out saying that the only reason McCain gets any support because there are so many "old people" who shouldn't even be voting...

So, this is the "new" Democratic party. I guess when we reach the age of 50, we have to give up our voting rights because we are too old and stupid to vote. I didn't realize that our rights had an expiration date on them. I didn't even watch the rest of the video, I was so angry. That arrogant asshole has no clue that without the "old" people that he says are too stupid to vote, he wouldn't have the rights he has.

Ok...blood pressure rising, time to stop.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey there, Mary Ellen -

I know - I am just sitting here shaking my head. Like when my younger brother, who is almost 48, btw, said he likes Obama's eloquwnce (from his 2004 speech) and his judgment, I abt dropped my jaw. I mentioned Obama using other people's speeches for his Hope-y/Change-y thing, and his "judgment" - Rezko, Wright, Ayers (his response to him was, "He was only 8 yrs old..." to which I replied, "And he said after 9/11 he wished he had done more!"), FISA, etc., etc., etc. I kept forgetting to mention the damn Bush/Cheney Energy Bill since my brother does care abt that, too. But today, before he left, I couldn't help it - I cried when I told him why this means so much to me, and how incredibly painful it has been to see the level of sexism, no, MISOGYNY, thrown at Hillary, and all women, since it wasn't PERSONAL to her, but to women in general. How hearing a reporter call her a pimp and her daughter a whore affected me, how seeing national news outlets have organizations on whose acronym was the C word. I think he was surprised at all of this - he said he didn't really watch the MSM anymore except a few minutes of Wolf Blitzer on CNN (yuck), which was abt all he could take. He was surprsed to hear that Fox had actually been better (I told him I had watched more of it in the past couple of months - which is not much, mind you - a few minutes here and there once in a blue moon - than I have in a number of years total). Anyway, I think for him to see how much this has affected me, the way someone so accomplished has been treated by the MSM, got through. Oh, and me saying that Hillary has been held to a COMPLETELY different standard than ANY other man - no one was all over Kerry or Edwards for voting for the resolution, and her statement on it made CRYSTAL clear she was not voting to go to war, but that the MSM acted as if she single-handedly started the damned war.

That is all a long, long winded way of saying, you are absolutely right. They are naive, and blinded on so many levels. Why Obama can get away with making false statements like abt his uncle and Auchswitz or his parents and Selma, ALL that stuff, but Clinton makes one hyperbolic statement abt Bosnia and she's the biggest freakin' liar on the PLANET, is beyond me.

And as for these kids - you know, we are reaping what we sowed when we stopped making grades dependent on actual performance because it might damage little Johnny's self-esteem or some crap like that. When we stopped teaching our kids how to thnk analytically. When we started treating our kids like they should be on pedestals and everything they thought and did was the most brilliant EVER, and allowed them to control our families. All of these things, and more (I hav ealready gone on too long) are rearing their heads now, andn we have no one to blame but ourselves for allowing them such a sense of entitlement and no personal responsibility.

And it pisses me off, too. Because you are damn right - without us, this party wouldn't have the strength it does now. But let those young whippersnappers fund it, and let's just see how far it goes now. Let the DNC reap what IT has sowed. It will serve them right for trashing us, and throwing us away.

Thanks for the comment!!

Mary Ellen said...

Well, hang in there, kiddo. We'll keep fighting this to the end. And if we can't get Hillary nominated, we can do our best to be sure that Obama isn't elected. As much as it pains me to see McCain as President, I don't think he'll be as bad as Bush.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Thanks, Mary Ellen. I appreciate that. Sorry for going on so!

My sister-in-law, whom I like a LOT, said that she is voting for Obama because it is important to have a Dem in the White House. That to have McCain would be disastrous, and the country cannot take another Republican. I replied that Obama is a complete wild card, and after the changes he has been making just in the past MONTH, there is NO assurance that he will be any better.

Anywho - I seriously doubt McCain could be worse than Bush, and after the DEMS are handing away our civil liberties, I have no faith that the Dems are any better anyway...