Monday, July 14, 2008

The Denver Group: Keeping the Democratic Party democratic

This is a great new organization, doing the work we need done: Forcing the Democratic Party to be DEMOCRATIC!

Just in case you missed it, Obama and Dean want to keep Hillary Clinton's name off of the first ballot. This is unprecedented in our history. Howard Dean himself was on the first ballot, and he had less than 200 delegates! Yet, in keeping with Barack Obama's M.O., he wants to run unopposed at the Convention, to further his (self-perpetuated) demi-god status. The Denver Group, and I, say no. That is undemocratic. If Ted Kennedy could be on the ballot against the incumbent with almost 1,000 fewer delegates, and FIGHT for the nomination, to keep Hillary Clinton off is nothing short of criminal. Once again, it is an attempt by the Democratic Party to silence the voices of the voters. And 18,000,000 of us will not be silenced.

To the Denver Group I say, I am behind you all the way!!

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