Sunday, July 6, 2008

"Secrets and Lies," Jonatha Brooke

What an appropriate song to recap the past week of Obama WORMing. (And hey, Jonatha Brooke is just COOL.) My personal favorite is him having to have a press conference to clear up what he said about Iraq recently. And then having to have a press conference to clear up what he said in the press conference. Same day. In Fargo, ND. He had a WORM session, then another WORM session to worm on the WORM (by the way, in case you don't know, WORM stands for: What Obama Really Meant). I am telling you, people you just cannot make this stuff up. He had a press conference about his press conference. C'mon, that is freakin' hilarious, don't you think? Well, I guess it WOULD be a tad funny if he wasn't the presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party, if people's LIVES weren't at stake, and if he hadn't based his ENITRE candidacy on a speech he allegedly gave back in 2002 to a very select audience regarding the Iraq War and it being BAD. But now? Well, I reckon it just depends on the day!! Tomorrow might bring something else COMPLETELY new!! (If you would like to see a complete list, and an excellent post, check out SusanUnPC's, "Oppo Research on Obama's Shifting, Finger-to-the wind Iraq Stance" at NoQuarterUSA. EXCELLENT piece. It lays it all out there.)

Oh, wait - then there is the whole FISA thing. Now THAT seems to be turning a few more heads, too. For a while, I often mentioned what was going on over at, but once Obama became the presumptive nominee, the site got behind him. Well, Big Tent Democrat, one of the two main bloggers there, and attorney who tepidly supported Obama, is pretty upset about the whole FISA thig. BTD seems to think the Declaration of Independence speaks out about just such invasions of privacy that the FISA change would include. BTD does not fall for Obama's WORMing on this, either, as he notes in his fine piece, "A Response to Obama's Defense of the FISA Capitulation."

And then there is Obama's flip-flop on why mental distress does not count as indicative of the health of a woman who is considering an abortion. Now THAT is some WORM right there. No, that is unkind to worms. Come to think of it, I don't know to what that would NOT be an insult...Come up with your own. But yes, NARAL and all of these so-called progressive women jumped on this American-Idol style cult bandwagon supporting this man, this man who claims that "mental distress" should not count in factoring the health of a woman. They picked HIM over the woman who has a CONSISTENT, long term record on her work for women, a woman who 13 years ago claimed that,"Women's Rights are HUMAN Rights,".

So, how do you all feel NOW? Just this holiday weekend, Obama has shown more and more of who he truly is. Maybe all of these folks should have been looking just a little bit closer for his "Secrets and Lies." We tried to tell them, I know we did.

Oh, one more little thing. And this follows up nicely (ahem) with discussing the treatment of women. Andrew Sullivan, of The Atlantic, nominated me for The Moore Award. As in Michael Moore. Sullivan's definition of the award is, "is for divisive, bitter and intemperate left-wing rhetoric." And what PROMPTED this award? My post the other day, "Why Do They Hate Us?" You know, the one about the misogynistic treatment of women? The one about how Hillary Clinton has been treated in this primary, especially, but the misogynistic/sexist/brutal treatment of women in general in this country, and many around the globe? Specifically, he targeted this quote,

"Moore Award Nominee, June 30, 2008: "See, I have done a lot of work in the Domestic Violence movement. And I have seen this cycle before: the man abuses, attacks, and lashes out at the woman. The woman makes excuses for, and accepts blame from, the man for his attacks. Not unlike Senator Clinton saying now that they are friends, respect each other, and support each other. I know what respect looks and feels like - Senator Obama has shown NONE for Senator Clinton. Senator McCain has, but Obama? No. Seeing these photos of her with him now reminds me of battered women wearing sunglasses to hide the bruises, and saying, "Oh, he didn't really mean it. It was my fault, really, I shouldn't have made him mad. He really does love me, in his own way, really! Don't be mad at him!"" - Revd Amy on Larry Johnson's site.
Divisive? Bitter? Left-wing rhetoric? Um, no - realistic observation based on years of experience. But his award simply stands to prove the point I was making in the post, and Victoria Brownworth was making in Curve Magazine. So, thanks for proving the point, Andrew - women and our experiences, women and sexism, women and the constant threats we face, women and domestic violence, are discounted and disregarded by many in this country, and many in the media. Just what we have been saying all along - the media, particularly men, have openly denigrated women during this campaign, Hillary Clinton specifically. And gotten away with it. Hmm, come to think of it, I AM bitter - bitter that they have gotten away with it, and angry that they continue to show no undersanding or REMORSE. Thanks for proving the point, Andrew! I might add, the ones who have been divisive around here have been Obama and his minions, not those of us who stand up to him and his "secrets and lies." There is a big difference - it is called having a principled stand. Operating from integrity. Having a moral compass. Pick one. And maybe get one. That's how all of these "Secrets and Lies" will be exposed...


Diamond Tiger said...


You are obviously doing something more than right if you are getting play over there. Keep it up! And bitter?....that's for Obama when he isn't the president and isn't a senator anymore.

As always, a great post! Thanks.

Mary Ellen said...

Wow Amy! You are really making people wake up and take notice with your posts! I thought your observation of the battered woman was right on and thank you for pointing that out. I have such a difficult time watching Obama and Hillary together--watching her being exploited like that.

LindaA1 said...

Oh my!

I wonder if there's some lawyerly parsing going on here with Obama and NARAL.

Few people are aware that Roe vs Wade did not cover all the law established in the landmark 1973 Supreme Court abortion ruling.

There is a companion case - Doe vs Bolton - that was argued at the same time and was involved in the ruling.

I'm familiar with Doe as I knew well the late Margie Hames, the powerful ACLU lawyer from Atlanta who argued Doe before the Supreme Court along with Sara Weddington, the Texas attorney who argued Roe.

There is a crucial statement in the LA Times piece you link in your article:

"The 1973 landmark abortion case Roe vs. Wade established a right to an abortion, and a concurrent case, Doe vs. Bolton, established that medical judgments about the need for an abortion could include physical, emotional and psychological health factors."

In other words, it could be technically accurate to say that Obama has always supported Roe and has not changed his position on abortion at all just by changing his position on the mental health exception.

NARAL seemed to make this very technical distinction when they excused him in the LA Times article by saying:

"Sen. Obama has consistently said he supports the tenets set forth by Roe..."

Remember - Roe covers the aspects of "right to abortion" ONLY; Doe covers aspects of the health exceptions - both physical and mental.

Unless Obama specifies that he supports the health exceptions set forth in the 1973 Supreme Court ruling itself or in Doe vs Bolton, he does not have to be held technically accountable for waffling on any health exception.

I don't think health exceptions are not covered at all in Roe vs Wade.

I would be curious to see if the Obama WORM (What Obama Really Meant) explanation for his CHANGE on the mental health aspects of abortion include disingenuous parsing of the technical differences in Roe (right to abortion) and in Doe (right to physical and mental health exceptions).

We'll have to watch him - AND NARAL - on the technical loophole.

Or maybe I'm just being icky picky paranoid - surely he or NARAL wouldn't do that.


Uppity Woman Says: said...

Obama's the kind of guy who would break her jaw and then return later with flowers and expect everything to be just fine.

I love seeing your stuff at NQ. You go girl.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

evHey, All!

Thanks for the great comments! I really appreciate them all. ANd appreciate the support - it means a lot.

Thanks DT - and no kidding. Obama is talking like he is no longer a senator NOW - I would so love for him to get his comeuppance!

Hey, ME! The DV connection just seems so obvious to me. What is so frustrating is how women's PROFESSIONAL experience can be denigrated as a way to not deal with the real issues - the way Obama, the DNC, and the (largely) male media dealt with Clinton (and all women). I have not just worked with battered women, I worked with prisoners who were incarcerated for battering women. So, yeah - pretty clear to me!

Linda, that is some POWERFUl information you have there! Thanks so much for putting it here. I did not realize the distinction between ROE and DOE - that's an important point.

ANd how freakin' typical that NARAL is walking a tightrope after endorsing this guy. For the life of me, I have NO idea how they could even THINK of choosing him over CLinton anyway. Now that they have, well, they will do all kinds of machinations to support their stance. I am truly disappointed in them. I had respect for them - no longer.

Thanks, Uppity! Glad to see you are up and running! :-) And I appreciate the support, too - you know I'm a fan!

So - in case y'all haven't heard. and I am SURE this will be a BIG surprise (HAHAHA), Obama has now come out with WHAT HE REALLY MEANT when he talked abt "mental distress"!! It's a Baltimore Sun article. He just cannot help himself, I guess. Just ridiculous.

Thanks everyone!

Connie said...

Right on Amy! This nomination is HUGE!. I know I can count on you to keep on rattling those cages. Thanks for opening my eyes.


Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Thanks so much, Connie! I appreciate it!! :-)