Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New BFFs, and More Under the Bus

My, my - funny how things happen. You would have to be living on the moon to not hear about ALL of the people Obama is considering for his Patsy, uh, I mean Vice President. All kinds of names have been thrown out from Chuck Hagel to Joe Biden. The current major leak (but really you are all supposed to know about it - shhhhh!) has Tim Kaine, Governor of VA, as a likely candidate. Never heard of him? Yeah, well, we lived in VA when Mark Warner was governor, and he was GREAT. Kaine was his Lt. Governor, so when Warner's terms was up (VA permits ONE six year term - that's it), Kaine rode in on his coattails. He hasn't done a whole lot since then, at least not a lot of positive changes for which he is receiving any accolades. BUT - Obama stumped for him in VA, and Kaine has been stumping for Obama around the world, uh, I mean, COUNTRY, and now they are BFFs! Woohoo!!!! Kaine has now moved to the short list for VP!! Gosh - he must be really experienced, and his constituents must really love him, right?? Uh, no. Like Obama (wow - I almost typed "Bush" then - I am not kidding, and it isn't just because I'm tired!), Kaine isn't all that experienced, certainly not in important matters like foreign affairs. Which would help since Obama has no experience, even with his NINE DAY trip!!!! A whole nine days - that is enough, right??? No. No, Obama, it is not even anywhere in the same ballpark as REAL experience, like Clinton's. But you know that already. You're just trying to appease your cultists, um, ah, I mean FOLLOWERS. Oh, that isn't right, either - SUPPORTERS! Yes, that is what politicians are supposed to have - supporters Okay. Got it. Anywho...

Ahem. Since you may know NOTHING about Gov. Kaine, he is personally opposed to the death penalty as a practicing Catholic, but when he campaigned as a gubernatorial candidate, he assured people he would not impose him personal beliefs on the state. In other words, he would not prohibit death penalty executions. Wow - what a stand up guy. He was not going to allow his personal faith to supersede the Commonwealth of Virginia's laws (and I hasten to say that I am completely opposed to the death penalty - always have been). Well, okay then.

Oh, but wait - there is more. While Governor Kaine wouldn't impose his religious beliefs on the death penalty, he had/has NO problem imposing them on the issue of - wait - for - it, yes, ABORTION!! So, a woman better not kill a zygote, but it's A-OKAY to kill a full-grown adult. Yes, indeedy! That makes sense, right?? Oh, yeah, NO. Governor Kaine, before he was governor, said he had a "faith-based opposition" to abortion, and vowed to promote ABSTINENCE focused education - you know, the one that doesn't WORK. And to ban so-called partial-birth abortions. This was a more popular position in VA than his opposition to the death penalty. In other words, his faith-based opposition takes a backseat to political aspiration. One was not politically expedient - the death penalty issue. The other one was - abortion. Regardless, now that Obama has secured the endorsements of NARAL, and even more importantly, for the second time ever in presidential politics, Planned Parenthood's, it makes PERFECT sense that he would target an anti-choice candidate to run as Vice President. It highlights that some of the very few times Obama exposed his true colors was his exceedingly patronizing comments to/about women and when they can/not choose to have an abortion.

What's that I hear? Oh, it is Planned Parenthood being thrown under the bus. And NARAL. Couldn't happen to two more deserving organizations supporting OBAMA over CLINTON after all of the work she has done on behalf of women, and the sexist, patronizing, arrogant way in which Obama has treated women, especially on choice!

So, all of you Obamabots trying to hold Roe v. Wade over our heads, what say you NOW, huh??? Really think he is not going to turn back the clock on women's rights like you claim McCain will do, and Obama won't? Because I think you are dead wrong. He doesn't give a damn about women and our health. He has made that abundantly clear. In the same way he proved he doesn't give a crap about the Constitution voting for FISA and telecom immunity (AT&T welcomes you to the Denver Democratic National Convention - I kid you not!), oh, and PLEASE stop calling him a "Constitutional Scholar" - he was a lecturer at the same law school he had just attended. It's like being a TA, for crying out loud. And he has made it clear as day - HE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE CONSTITUTION! He cares about getting money, and getting elected. Your lives will be SO much smoother once you accept that! He will say and do whatever he has to do to accomplish those two tasks. So, quit with the whole Roe v. Wade scare tactic, because Obama DOES NOT CARE ABOUT WOMEN and our health. He does not. Too bad Planned Parenthood and NARAL apparently cared more about publicity (and money?? Does anyone know if Obama's "Hope PAC" gave them money?) than they did about supporting the candidate who would work the hardest for the issues about which they claim to care. Thanks a whole lot for the capitulation there, PP and NARAL. How do you people sleep at night?

So, Tim thinks we should care what he thinks about abortion, like so many other men. And he wants to impose HIS "faith-based opposition" on VA, and presumably, the country, should the world got to hell in a handbasket and Obama gets into the White House with him. Holy Cow.

These men, and obviously, Tim Kaine in particular, reminds me of when I was in seminary in NYC, and got to go see Whoopi Goldberg's one woman show on Broadway. One of her characters, a drug addict with a PhD in English Literature from Columbia University ("what else are you going to do with a PhD in English Literature?") said when confronted by some Operation Rescue-like people, something along the lines of, if you men are so opposed to abortion, "why don't you take that tired ol' piece of meat down to the ASPCA and get it gassed??" In other words, Tim, if you are against abortions, don't have one. Stop trying to impose your "faith-based opposition" on us. Same goes for you, Mr. "Feeling Blue" "Mental-distress-isn't-physically-threatening" Obama. Just spare us the patronizing pandering already.

And once again, SuperDelegates, pay attention!! The best candidate on this issue is: HILLARY CLINTON. Get with the program already. Go watch GeekLove's "Follow the Money" video and see why these SuperD's voted against their own constitutents, many of whom overwhelmingly went for Clinton. We're on to you, and we won't forget it!!


Sean said...

How is this exact same post repeated day after day on different blogs?

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Um, it isn't. I wrote this all by my own self. Maybe it is just that more and more people are seeing the blatant hypocrisy of Obama, Sean.

Mary Ellen said...

I just cannot get over the NARAL and Planned Parenthood endorsement of Barack. It's the same feeling I had when AARP endorsed George Bush. I don't understand why someone would want to vote against their own best interest. It must be a money payoff of some sort, there is no other answer.

Thanks for filling me in on Kaine, I had no idea who the guy was.

I have to wonder how many people Obama promised the VP slot to? Maybe they'll see that his promises are nothing more than "just words"...empty as his suit.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

I know - and when you ook at GeekLove's new video on the whole money thing, it makes it seem that much more likely that PA and NARAL were paid off. How else to explain it? Especially PPA's timing - that was the most suspect.

Oh, and get this - one of Kaine's BFFs is none other than that wolf in sheep's clothing, Joe Lieberman. He stumped for him in a big fashion. I cannot STAND him.

And AARP - grrr. You are absolutely correct abt organizations working against their best interests. It makes no sense to me whatsoever. Grrr.