Monday, July 14, 2008

No Deal: I'm Looking Through You

Most recently thrown under the bus by Obama? The Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

I, for one, am not one bit surprised. From his history, it was clear as day that he was not the man of integrity he claimed to be. The way he and his minions ran his campaign; the way he treated Hillary and other/all women; the way he treated the LGBT community; the way he treated the working class the way he treated Hispanics, et al; the way he pandered to whatever group he was in front of at the time; the way he smeared President Clinton, and his legacy; the constant WORMing on every single issue ("What I really meant to say when I said I was going to pull troops out of Iraq...." "What I really meant when I said I was for Unviersal Health Care..." Just name any of his so-called "positions," and he has most likely done a flip flop on it.); when he said it was "fair" for him to be given votes that were never cast for him; when he decided that he was READY to run for the highest office not just in the land, but in the WORLD with his limited experience, I knew he was not who he said he was. I just cannot believe the number of people who really DID buy what he was selling. I almost feel sorry for them, except they, for the most part, have been so nasty to anyone who DIDN'T support him.

So, yes, he voted to shred the Constitution. I am not surprised. He also voted for the Bush/Cheney Energy Bill. Did none of his followers ever think to ask why he so adamantly opposed the Gas Tax holiday? I mean, really - c'mon, people, THINK!!!!

I almost feel sorry for them - almost. But the people I know, just two of my siblings, for instance - both PhDs - and they think he is the Cat's Meow! Not that they have bothered to look at his record (or lack thereof). Not that they have bothered to look beyond the Obama Talking Points (my younger brother, when he was visitng recently, mentioned TWICE about Hillary running for the Senate in NY when she wasn't from there, and mocking her for wearing a Yankees cap. I told him that Obama was not from IL, either, and that Hillary has been a Yankees fan ALL HER LIFE. He said, "But she's from Chicago, and is a Cubs fan! Who has two favorite teams?!" I said, "I do. I'm a Yankees fan. And a Braves fan. They are in two different leagues - just like the Cubbies and the Yanks!") My point is that over the course of a couple of days, he threw out a number of Obama Talking Points, and it really surprised me. He is so enamored of this guy from his 2004 speech that he cannot see anything else. He did confes sthat he was "disappointed" in the FISA vote.

"DISAPPOINTED"? Um, no - one is disappointed to not get the grades one wants, or the job one wants, or what have you. But when your candidate chooses to take away your civil liberties, I think it qualifies for a little more than "disappointment." At least for me. Maybe that's why I want Hillary for president. Or at the very least for a return to Democracy. But that's just me...


Mary Ellen said...

Hi Amy- Sorry it took me so long to get problems.

Anyway, I absolutely love that video, it's the perfect song and well put together.

That man my be able to play his chameleon games with the naive Obamabots, but I could see through his act right away.

I feel exactly the way I did when Bush ran for Prez, I couldn't understand why people and the media couldn't see him for what he was, a liar and corrupt. But it didn't matter. Of course, the media only supports those who will benefit them.

I am glad to see the media digging deeper into Obama's record and life, but IMO, it's too little, too late.

Either way, I will be able to look back on this and say that I didn't fall for the bamboozle and I won't feel the least bit responsible for his up and coming disaster of a Presidency.

Who needs a Constitution when you can have hopey-changey unity, eh?

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey there!

I hope your computer is A-OK now! Computer issues can be so frustrating...

GeekLove makes the best videos - she's the one behind the "Mad as Hell/Bitch" one, too - she has a bunch of good ones! You'd think that song was written just for him!

I know - I just don't get it either. And like I said one would think people would be MORE critical after Bush, not LESS!! But they just seem like a big bunch of Moonies - completely disconnecting their head from their heart and not listening to what he is really saying...

And I'm not gonna feel guilty, either. They CHOSE this guy, the DNC and Party elites did - they handpicked him to be their candidate, and I really hope Karma comes into play in a BIG way for them on this.

Clearly, the so-called Progressives have decided this Constitution is out-dated. We'll just get outrselves a shiny, brand NEW Constitution that allows our Government to do whatever the King, um, I mean, Dictator, no - that's not right - PRESIDENT thinks is BEST for us! What could possibly go wrong with THAT?!?!

I have to run up to Charleston to get some meds for my new kittens this morning, so I won't be able to post anything until later...I do so appreciate your coming by, ME, and your insightful comments!!