Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Oh, My Aching Head...

So, I was thinking this morning - How many policy changes has Obama made since he proclaimed himself Master of the Universe on June 3, 2008? Some are better known than others, because even some of the big ones had to be covered by the MSM. But let's see what we can find:

June 4, 2008: Obama goes to the pro-Israel lobby, AIPAC and talks about his (new found) support for Israel. In fact, he contravenes US Policy in his desire to pander to the Israeli lobby. From the CNSNews article, "Obama Departs From U.S. Policy," he says:
"Let me be clear," Obama told America's largest pro-Israel lobby, AIPAC, on Wednesday. "Israel's security is sacrosanct. It is non-negotiable. The Palestinians need a state that is contiguous and cohesive and that allows them to prosper. But any agreement with the Palestinian people must preserve Israel's identity as a Jewish state, with secure, recognized and defensible borders. Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided," he said in comments widely viewed as intended to win the hearts of Jewish voters.

Well, that's just jake - he has just ceded Jerusalem to Israel. I wonder how the Palestinians feel about that??
"This statement is totally rejected," Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was quoted as saying.

"The whole world knows that holy Jerusalem was occupied in 1967 and we will not accept a Palestinian state without having Jerusalem as the capital of a Palestinian state," Abbas said.

I see. They aren't happy! What a big surprise - Obama continues winning hearts and minds abroad. Ahem.

Oh, here's a good one - Campaign Finance Reform. On June 20th, Obama decided to do a 180, and has decided public campaign financing reform might not be the way to go after all!! Oh, and in making this decision, he violated previous statements that should he be the Democratic presidential candidate, he would meet with Senator John McCain to push for public campaign financing. Uh, no. Didn't bother to have that conversation. What a guy.

This one is big - FISA. You know, the bill that would grant retroactive immunity to the big telecoms, and expand spying powers for the president. Now that Obama thinks he is going to BE president, he wants all the bells and whistles he can get! This is what he said, from the Washington Post:
"It is a close call for me," Obama told reporters. But he said the addition of the "exclusivity" provision giving power to the secret court, along with a new inspector general role and other oversight additions, "met my basic concerns." He said the bill's target should not be the phone companies' culpability, but "can we get to the bottom of what's taking place, and do we have safeguards?"

And for some bonus coverage, and this will be a big, huge shock to everyone (not), look who else switched positions?!?!
The Illinois senator's reversal on the issue has angered liberal groups, but Obama told reporters at a news conference this afternoon that he was satisfied with changes made to the original bill, including a provision that gives a secret court, rather than the White House, the final say on spying procedures. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer also switched sides on the legislation, for the same reasons as Obama.

Uh, ya THINK?? Yes, it pissed off liberal groups - most of us who consider ourselves liberal have been opposed to these changes for quite some time! And we were all pretty vocal about our disgust with President Bush for wanting them. So, Obama said what he had to say to whichever group it was he had to say it on FISA, then he does this little end-run, "Oh, but they have assuaged my concerns, and it isn't the big phone companies' problem anyway that they broke the law." Again, the self-proclaimed Constitutional scholar at work. (Hmmm - I wonder what he means by "Constitutional"? I'm starting to think as in daily constitutional in which changing his policy positions is considered par for the daily course.) Clearly, LOGIC is not his strong suit...

Just a few short days later, Obama is jumping on the Gun Bandwagon, applauding the decision of the Supreme Court on June 26 to support gun ownership. Do I even need to say that he opposed it before he was for it (Political Radar: Obama Camp Disavows "Inartful" Statement? Oh, wait - check that, he was opposed to it when he was in IL, but when he was debating Hillary, he didn't know WHAT he thought about the DC gun ban because he just didn't know that much about it, he said, hadn't seen all of the information on it or anything. Gee - wonder when he got the time to read everything that now allows him to AGREE with the decision?! Yeah, right (for more on this, check out the video from Fox News currently at

Good grief, I am getting DIZZY with all of this spinning around by Obama!!

Whew. Okay, just one more - not because there aren't more, but really - isn't all of this making you have vertigo?? Well, this one I think is just perfect - really. It just encapsulates the moral fiber (LOL) of Obama. And as a previous member of this organization, it could not happen to more deserving people who chose to endorse this guy with a very limited number of actual members, and allowed people who were NOT members to vote on this decision...Are you with me? Yep, Move-On.Org! That's right - they endorsed Obama pretty early on amidst numerous reports of ballot stuffing (oh, now there's a surprise, too, right?? Uh huh.), and based on approximately 10% of their entire membership - meaning in numbers, not actual members. Anywho, he swatted MoveOn for their ad regarding General Petraeus
recently. (When the vote came up about the ad, he was nowhere to be found, of course, though he had voted on another matter that very day. Whatever. Typical.) Obama slammed 527s in general, even though they have been helping HIM out. No doubt, he is trying to set it up so he won't be Swiftboated, but it is only Swiftboating when it isn't true!! Anyway, I wonder how all of those MoveOn members feel now that they have been thrown under the bus? Couldn't happen to a more deserving organization, if you ask me.

I should add, there is the whole Faith Initiatives thing, though I am not sure he has actually changed his mind on that. Given that TUCC has apparently been the beneficiary of that program, you see, it makes some sense that he is all about it. BUT - for Constitution-loving Americans who believe in the separation of Church and State, the whole program has been a HUGE issue. That Obama wants to continue it, and INCREASE its depth and breadth, is pretty darn surprising (this whole issue has been dealt with a lot here at No Quarter, including one of my posts, so I'll spare you any more from me on this).

Bear in mind, this is just JUNE. I know there are more, and feel free to add them in the comments. I just can't take it anymore. My head is already about to explode. I can just imagine - and I know you can - what the MSM and bloggers would be saying if Clinton had made all of these flip flops in just ONE month!! In some ways, it gives me hope - if he keeps this up for the next 7 weeks or so, who KNOWS what might happen at the Convention? You just never know!


Amarissa said...

Hi, RR, I think you will enjoy my letter posted to Streisand in my blog:
Check it out!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Oh my goddess, that was freakin' hilarious! GREAT WORK, Amarissa! What an awesome letter!!! I'm still smiling!

LindaA1 said...

You know what really burns me about the Democratic leadership (which now by definition includes / or is Obama)? Their arrogance knows no limits.

They are self-assured that the electorate is so ignorant of the issues and so vulnerable to pandering that with a little political slight of hand, THIS WILL BE THEIR YEAR!

I can only hope that they are wrong. The national Gallop Poll gives me heartburn - showing Obama always a little ahead of McCain and this week inching forward - no matter what he does!

I'm eagerly awaiting the poll fall-out from this week's avalanche of Obama conversions to conservative (not centrist, mind you - conservative!) positions.

Will the liberal news media balk now that their precious Obama is shoving hated conservative policies right up their noses - particularly FISA?

Or are they like emotionally-battered wives now - too clouded in their mind-numbing stupor to figure out that they've been had? Or too elitist and arrogant to admit their gullibility has hoisted them with their own petards?

I'm temporarily living in the Deep South. Every black person I talk to is for Obama. Every white person I talk to can't stand him.

I'm always suspicious that many if not most whites here are, at the least, a little racist and wouldn't vote for Obama under any circumstance. But what I hear when I ask why they don't like him are the same just reasons we blog about all day: He's a phony, he has something up his sleeve, he has no experience, etc.

Nothing Obama could ever say will sway these people - for good reason or bad, they don't trust him.

I wonder if he will have more luck in the heartland. Are people there more open to Obama and his trickery? Or do they have the same bulls**t detectors as the folks around here?

And what about the liberals? Usually, they are thin-skinned about their issues. Will Obama's about-faces on positions they cherish so dearly be enough to send them scampering to...oh crap! Where? Certainly not McCain.

I never thought I'd be caught dead pulling for Ralph Nader or Cynthia McKinney to capture a few liberal votes and siphon off Obama's margins. Well, I never thought I'd be caught dead voting for John McCain either. But there it is.

This is a week of amazing Democratic wonder. Everything was already turned on its head. Now the whole catastrophe is rolling head over heel downhill like a giant snowball, growing exponentially as it goes.

Can anybody yell STOP loud enough to be heard at this point?

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, Linda -

Wow - thanks for the comments! ANd yes, it HAS become the Obamacrastic Party as I saw earlier today...Obama now is looking to shorten the Convention by a day - have you seen that? It was in the LA Times. Isn't that just freakin' TYPICAL of him/DNC?? His arrogance really DOES know no bounds.

You know, I live in the SOuth, too, and am from the South. I am not surprised that a lot of black people are planing on voting for him. Even if they don't like him, there seems to be a LOT of pressure on them to support him. Look at Rep. John Lewis, that back-stabbing snake in the grass who switched from Clinton to Obama. He has not one, but TWO black challengers to his seat because he supported Clinton originally!! I am not kidding! Shocking. Thugs.

Anywho - yeah, many of us don't like Obama because he is an empty suit charlatan chameleon flip flopper, not because he is half black!! I could care less abt is skin color - I care abt his lack of experience, legislation, etc., etc. abt which we all know...

One can only hope that the MSM will start cluing in, but yes - they seem to make excuse after excuse for Obama. "Oh, well - FISA isn't really so bad, is it?" Or, "Well these faith-based initiatives are just a little unConstitutional - we can live with that, right?" Crap like that. Sigh.

Who knows abt the polls? As long as the MSM keeps pumping him up like they have, it is kinda hard to imagine it being any other way. I mean, really - NO ONE has consistently held him accountable, you know?? Makes me nuts.

We can only keep working to get the truth abt Obama out there, but I DO have some hope when people like Big Tent Democrat over at Talk Left has FINALLY realized that Obama is a HORRIBLE choice after FISA (BTD is an attorney, btw). I don't know what took so long (he had alays said that since their policies were basically the same, and he thought Obama was more electable, he was leaning toward him - my contention was that Obama's policies were CLINTON'S policies, and SHE was the more electable), but that is pretty significant, at least at that site. So, who knows? SOME thinking people are getting it!

Just keep talking/writing the facts abt him!

Thanks, Linda!