Sunday, November 1, 2009

Life Has A Way..

Of letting you know when it is time to be still and just be. I say this not just from being a bit bleary eyed after staying up late to watch my beloved Yankees. No, I got up this morning as always, thinking about what I was going to write today, then I walked outside. This is what I saw:

It just blew me away. So, I took my coffee, went and sat on the end of the dock, and looked out at this beautiful view. The wind was blowing in from the marsh, ruffling my hair, and rustling the trees behind me. There was nothing to be done for it but to close my eyes and let the breeze wash over me, smelling that beautiful combination of ocean and marshland. Acorns would drop from the live oak tree overhanging the dock, where they would hit the dock, then bounce into the marsh. Fish jumped up into the air, their silvery bodies catching the rising sunlight, then, *PLOP* back into the water they would go. Birds are singing all around me, and squirrels are chattering away. The snowy white egrets were flying overhead, and off in the distance, I could hear the great blue herons. Unbelievably beautiful, majestic birds they are, but possessors of a grating call - I guess that was the universe's way of keeping things balanced.

As I looked over the marshland, the grasses taking on their Fall golden hue, I noticed a couple of blades of marsh grass standing tall and straight, along with the ripples in the water from the wind:

How cute are they stretching up to meet the sun? They looked like they were stretching up to catch the first glimpse.

And then, I turned to go back into the home, the air a little cool at 65 degrees (hey - that's cold for us), and looked up at the house my partner and I long dreamed about building, a dream that beacme reality 3 12 years ago. This is my home, looking back from the dock:

Waiting inside was my espresso machine, ready for me to make another cappuccino to have while looking out at this beautiful view. On this day, thanking the universe for this beautiful marshland, and the place I call home, was what Life had in mind for me. I was all too willing to oblige...


Mary Ellen said... blessed you are to live in such a beautiful (and warm) location. I absolutely LOVE your house, too! That is a dream home, for sure!

And 65 cold? Ugh...I'd give my eye teeth for another 65 degree day! I just finished with a long dog walk and my ears were starting to hurt from the cold. Time to break out the woolen hats.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Thanks, Mary Ellen. We really love it. Being able to look out and see such beauty was one of the things that kept me (relatively) sane over the election. It really does help soothe the soul...

LOL - I hear you. It IS supposed to get cooler here, if that helps any. But yes - 65 on Nov. 11st. Nice, eh?

You are welcome to come here to these warm environs any time! And you can even bring the dog! :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Rev, what a beautiful view! And a gorgeous house! I'm on my way over for a cuppa and a bit of that view.... teehee

Whoohoo for your Yankees! They may very well go all the way.

And now, I'm off to enjoy the 70ish weather here in SF. So strange, this's freezing in July, warm in November. Could be all that hot air from the Obots ...

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

ROTFLMAO - no doubt abt the Obots! Good one!

Yes, I was thinking of our friend, Mary Ellen, when we ran some errands today (including going to groom Jordan - which is not an errand but a joy), and the temp. was 74! :-)

SF, you are welcome ANYTIME. We do have a guest room up in the loft, which overlooks that marsh, our creek, and a deep-water creek (where the other covered docks are). We have a kayak, too, so you can go out into the beautiful marsh. Oh - we have had dolphins come right up to the end of our dock, which is not far from our house at all, as you can tell. We even saw a stingray at the end of the dock recently, too!). So, yes, cappuccino, or tea, or hot chocolate, whatever you prefer!

I might add, we are only 10 minutes from the beach, so there's that...


Anonymous said...

Wow, Rev, it sounds fantastic! You are truly one in a million...and I may just take you up on that offer to visit one of these fine days! And the same goes if you ever get to LOTO (Land Of The Obots)...I mean SF!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Oh, thanks, SF! That is so sweet of you! Wow! :-D

Seriously - you're welcome to come visit! TO sweeten the pot a little, if you look at the house, to the right you can see something brown through the trees. That's a big, huge hot tub. And out here, since we have no street lights or anything, you can sit out in it and look up at the stars and the moon. Fantastic!!

I would love to get back to SF. I've only been there once. That would be fun!

Hey, how's your boy doing?