Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Sunday Special

With each passing day, there are new expectations regarding President Obama. One intrepid resident of the Lowcountry came up with the following revision of an ancient text. He might be onto something:
Here are the Ten Commandments according to President Obama:

Thou shall not have any presidents before me or after me.

Thou shall not watch Fox News.

Thou shall obey me without question.

Thou shall honor my image.

Thou shall not be a conservative.

Thou shall place me above thy parents.

Thou shall tithe thyself and send the rest to me.

Thou shall mistrust all businesses large or small.

Thy children shall sing praises to me.

Thou shall not say to me, "You lie."

BRUCE BATES, Little Ranch Road, Ladson

Bronwyn's Harbor had this video up the other day, but it is so timely given the above revision of the Ten Commandments, I just had to steal, um, BORROW it:

C'mon, the "Baby Jesus" remark was hilarious! And so appropos...

While I am at it, a former parishioner sent me the following. I know there are others who have done it before, but this is a particularly good one, I think:

I know, right? Funny! I love the smaller person jumping up and down. That would so have been me...

Have a lovely Sunday!


Mary Ellen said...

Oh my gosh! That last video was hilarious...I LOVED IT! Thanks for the laugh.

Regarding Obamessiah...ugh.

Also...did you see what Reid took out of the Senate health care bill this weekend? Oh yeah...women get screwed again. It's on my blog.

(I may borrow that video for my blog one day...I'll wait a little while so I don't steal your thunder, though..of course, I'll hat tip ya for it when I do use it!)

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, ME!

Wasn't that video hilarious?? And absolutely borrow away, any time! :-D

I haven't had my computer this weekend, but I will definitely check out your blog abt Reid. I am not one bit surprised that women will pay again, and again, and again...

And, isn't it disturbing that Mary Landrieu isn't even ashamed that we all know she was bought off? Wow, just freakin' wow...

Mary Ellen said...

Rev. Amy- I just brought my mom to her Oncologist today and I had the opportunity to ask her what she thought of the new mammogram guidelines that were put out. She said she absolutely did not agree with them. This woman is an amazing doctor and I trust her judgment more than some paid-off task force that only cares about how to cut costs at the expense of women's lives.

(my mom's check up was more year of being cancer free and she'll graduate to an official breast cancer survivor!)

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Mary Ellen, thank heavens your mother is still cancer-free. That is great!

I am not surprised to hear that was the oncologist's response at all. It seems that, overwhelmingly, medical professionals thought that was a horrible idea.

What I can't get past is the task force not even wanting women to do SELF exams, either!! When you start looking at the potential outcome of women not doing that until they are 50, and thus the possible outcome if they HAVE had cancer for a while, it's not good.

What a woman hating society this seems to be, an in totally insidious ways, too.

I'm going for a mammogram today myself. I'm going to ask, too! :-)