Monday, November 23, 2009

Two Powerful Women On Two Powerful Women

I was delightfully surprised to see Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett Packard, and Lady Lynn de Rothschild, big-time Hillary supporter together discussing issues related to women in politics, especially Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton. In the clip below, they discuss the double standard of the media toward female politicians compared to male politicians:

Isn't that incredible, that the AP put 11 factcheckers on Palin's book, and NONE on any of the men? We know already that Obama's book, Dreams of My Father, was filled with erroneous facts, unless time travel is now possible and I missed it (e.g., the March on Selma inspired Obama's parents to have him four years after he was born, Kennedy bringing his father over from Kenya, etc., etc.). This is not unlike the horde of "investigative reporters" running up to Alaska to turn over every rock to dig up dirt on Palin when none were dispatched to Chicago to extend the same courtesy to Obama.

Yep, I'd say there is some double standard by the MSM. Their furor over Governor Palin is practically rabid. I have to say, it is kinda funny to watch them get all worked up, isn't it? Except that so much of it is sexist beyond belief (like the recent Newsweek cover/article). But, other than that...

Since ady Lynn de Rothschild mentioned our Hillary, here she is speaking to the troops in Afghanistan this week:

You'll notice, nary a teleprompter in sight! When one is capable of speaking from the head and the heart simultaneously, like Hillary Clinton can, one does not need one. Her support of the troops is evident, and judging from the response at the end of her remarks, the feeling is mutual. That's our Hillary.

Good to see that some folks are paying attention to what the MSM has been doing with Governor Palin. I hope having two women of this caliber, Carly Fiorina and Lady Lunn de Rothschild, will help to keep the MSM honest. Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?

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