Friday, November 20, 2009

Apparently, Holder Has Other Things To Do

Than look at ACORN. Yet, the hits just keep on coming. There is another tape out from James O'Keefe of filmmaker James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles going to ACORN offices in an expose of the lengths to which ACORN workers will go to assist in setting up an underage prostitution ring. Here is the latest video released by O'Keefe:

Oh, boy. So, did I get this right, ACORN has/is working with Larry Flynt, the king of pornography??? Holy crappydoo - I am sure so many people will be happy to know that's to whom their hard earned dollars are going.

Thursday night, James O'Keefe, Hannah Giles, and Andrew Breitbart were on Hannity (h/t to Bronywyn's Harbor for this video), and they have some mighty interesting thins to say about who is being scrutinized, and who is not:

What, they expect AG Holder to go after ACORN? Why, because of the numerous tapes revealing their wrong doing? They want him to listen to the whistle blowers who are willing to come forward to expose what ACORN has done - with our tax dollars, I might add? Hey, he's BUSY working on bringing the 9/11 Masterminds to NYC for a Civilian trial, for pete's sake (for recent posts on this topic, go HERE and HERE). I mean, really - he's got his hands full being schooled by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on the whole military tribunal thing and all. Sheesh - what do they expect? For Holder to do his JOB???

I am sure they did not expect for Jerry Brown to go after THEM rather than the ACORN employees. Then again, given the way this Administration has been going with ACORN, maybe they should have. I mean, isn't that why Obama brought in Bauer, to run interference for ACORN? Oh, no, wait - that was to "erase tracks between Obama and ACORN." Well shoot, in that case, for what are Jerry Brown and Eric Holder waiting?? Ahem.

Well, I don't think any of us are going to be holding our breath for THAT. And it is so typical that the people exposing the massive problems with ACORN are the very ones being targeted by the Powers-That-Be, rather than the organization engaging in questionable activities.

Our justice system really has lost its bearings when war criminals are extended rights given to American citizens. And American citizens who expose wrong doing by a group receiving Taxpayers money are targeted by those with connections to the justice system. I guess Obama HAS brought change to America...


SFIndie said...

You know, Rev, if all of this nonsense was a movie plot, I'd walk out and ask for my money back. I wonder how many people would like their vote back? Now THAT's a poll I'd like to see!

I just sent Jerry Brown an email, telling him he's lost my vote and my support for his run for Governor.

You'd think he'd WANT to go after ACORN after what that staff member said about our lovely can get away with a lot, especially here! But no, he wants to go after the two people who deserve a Pulitzer for investigative reporting rather than the sleazebags who want to help set up an underage child sex ring.

Larry Flynt??? Does it NEVER stop? ACORN + Larry Flynt + Obama = Hope! Change! Yes We Can!

I long for the days of the simple incompetence and idiocy of Bush. (What I really long for is a Clinton Administration!!)

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Who ever thought we would look back on the Bush regime as less despicable than a Democratically controlled everything?? If you said that to me two years ago, I would have started laughing hysterically and told you you were nuts. And meant it.

But now? I think it is a super bad idea to have all three branches controlled by one party, no matter HOW bad the former Administration may have been, and this is exactly why - no checks and balances. None. Rather than striving to be better, more honest, yes, more transparent, the Dems are acting like the Reps, but even WORSE. There seems to be absolutely no shame with them - none.

Take this health care bill - know how Reid is getting some of those Dem holdouts over? By promising them big amts of money - written into the bill. $100 mil for LA to get Landrieu, for instance. Blech. But I digress....

Heck yeah, you'd think Brown would want to o after the ACORN people, especially when CA is exposed for being a state in which INTERNATIONAL SEX TRAFFICKING can go on, um, unmolested. If I were him, and I had found out this information, I would have left skid marks taking off so fast to get these people.

But no - he goes after O'Keefe and Giles. Let's you know what is really important to him, and it ain't justice.

GOOD FOR YOU for writing him, SF - well done indeed!

Yeah - Larry Flynt. WTF???

Btw, in case I forget to mention this tomorrow, I am flying up to see my mom for a couple of days. I have some posts ready to go, but if I don't get to the comments in a timely fashion, you'll know why!