Saturday, November 7, 2009

Secretary Clinton On The Job - Updated

The current issue of Time Magazine has Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the cover, and an article by Joe Klein entitled, "The State of Hillary: A Mixed Record On The Job." On Joe Scarborough the other morning, they discussed this article (major H/T to Bronwyn's Harbor for the video):

How cute is Joe Scarborough calling Secretary Clinton his "girlfriend"?? Repeatedly? Evidently, he has NO idea how much competition he has, does he?

And Scarborough makes a great argument about Hillary Clinton "not going rogue." Of course she is taking the tack Obama has directed her to take. It is not a surprise that Obama would want her to do the HARD work while he "flying at 40,000 ft".

Just to be clear on Pakistan, the White House does back Secretary Clinton on what she said there. While it may not be the language Mika wants her to use (and honestly, could Hillary Clinton say anything of which Mika approved? Just asking, in a snarky kind of way.)

Don't even get me started on the whole election thing, though. Don't even get me started. Good for JOE for pointing out - AGAIN - that the media played a huge role in how she was treated, as we all know already.

The remarks by General Petraeus were telling, telling indeed. That, along with the relationship she has developed with our military personnel is exactly why I contend she would have gotten to Fort Hood tout suite after the tragedy there. Because she truly cares about those serving in uniform. She, unlike our President, has made that support crystal clear.

Okay. About this "unnamed White House source" crapola. I am referring to the "Unnamed White House sources" who claimed Secretary Clinton had made big mistakes in foreign policy since becoming Secretary of State reminded me of the "Unnamed McCain aides" who made the most outrageous, and false, allegations about Gov. Sarah Palin, including that "she didn't know Africa was a continent." That is to say, I just cannot take their claims seriously. Especially when one of those high up in the Obama Administration, Jon Favreau, has demonstrated just how much he respected Hillary Clinton when he posted a photo of himself groping a life-size Hillary Clinton cutout on Facebook. Yeah, right. I'm not buying what they're selling. I've seen plenty from those folks already, and have been singularly unimpressed. Whatever.

Anyway, it was an interesting discussion about Secretary Clinton, the work she is doing, and Joe's undying love for her. All I can say about that is, join the club, Joe, join the club.

Speaking of Secretary Clinton, Saturday is when she commissions the assault ship, USS New York. There will be video available later, which I will then put up. For more on the USS New York, its 7.5 tons of steel from the World Trade Towers, and the emotions it elicits, please watch the video below:

Very moving, and powerful. Great thanks to those who serve aboard this state of the art vessel, and who sought to serve aboard this ship. The motto of the ship is apt: Strength Forged Through Sacrifice. Never Forget.

They won't forget, and neither will we.

May this ship and its crew have smooth sailing for years to come.

(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images North America)

UPDATE: Here is the link to NavyTV's recording of the Commission of the USS New York.

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