Sunday, November 15, 2009

A "Teachable Moment" That Didn't Take With Obama

Remember back in April when Obama traveled to the G-20 and bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia? If not, here it is:

Actually, that doesn't look as much like a bow as it does a genuflect. Not, true, says Obama's Spokes Weasel, Robert Gibbs. Oh, no - it is just because Obama is tall, and "bending over." I am not kidding you - that's what he claimed. So, don't believe what you actually SAW, just believe Spokes Weasel that it's not what it looked like it was.

Well, it would seem Obama learned nothing from that experience when he traveled to Japan and met the Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko of Japan:

Sigh. I know it is customary to bow in Japan, but this is a bit over the top for anyone, much less a US president, or another world leader. You will notice that, while the Emperor or Empress bows in return, it is slight, almost imperceptible. Nice to see that SOME people understand decorum and protocol, even if Obama doesn't. They were modeling the appropriate level for him, and he missed it. I might add, Obama doesn't bow just once, he does it over and over and over again (though not as low) like a frikkin' bobblehead. His hosts, however, are not recirpocating.

Wow. So much for the President of the United States bowing to no one. What an amateur. Respect is one thing. Subordination is another. This appears to be a case of the latter, IMHO.

Yep, the second bow heard around the world. Oh, and the topic of discussion? Green tea ice cream. I'm not making this up, people, that's what Obama discussed with the Emperor and Empress.

Perhaps Obama could take a few lessons from Secretary of State Clinton on how one meets with other world leaders, particularly in Japan, as this video from February, 2000 demonstrates (pay special attention around the 5:10 mark when the Empress and Clinton greet each other):

You'll notice Clinton did not bow to the Empress. Though I have to say, the looks exchanged between the two women were quite lovely. They seem to really like each other (and who doesn't like our Hillary??). Other than that, not a bow in sight. Oh, sure, she nodded her head a few times in recognition when someone bowed to her, but a real bow? Uh, yeah, NO. Didn't see a one.

Once again, our Amateur in Chief is on display for all the world to see, and believe you me, they all saw it, too. Seriously, he needs to get some real protocol officers instead of asking one of his frat boys from their video games ("No, really, dude - I'm pretty sure they bow to each other in Japan. At least that's what my Samurai warriors just did to each other on my X Box...").

How I wish I could say I was surprised at Obama's breach of protocol after his "teachable moment" in April with the King of Saudi Arabia. But when you have a president who gives a "shout out" and CALLS it a "shout out" after finding out about a devastating attack on one of our military bases before even acknowledging the attack, this is just par for the course. It just leaves me shaking my head...


Anonymous said...

This is just getting ridiculous, Rev. With all the Czars our Kindergartner in Chief has, you'd think he could find SOMEONE to be his Czar of Protocol. Doesn't he have ANYONE on staff who'll tell him he's acting the fool??? Let's see how the Gibbster will spin THIS one.

Last Thanksgiving, I spent the day with friends, Obots all. This year, I'm spending the day with the same group of friends. We've not discussed the current state of affairs all year, so it'll be interesting to see if they're still steeped in the kool-ade.

Word verification - flamm. We've got us a flimm-FLAMM man in the White House!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

One would certainly think at that level there are protocol officers. I am sure there are some who are available, but they probably ignore them - they know it all, you know? Like the HORRIBLE gifts they gave Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Nobody told them that State Gifts are mandated by LAW, and reflect upon the country?? Nope - Michelle sends some flunky to the White House Gift Shop, apparently, and someone re-gifts a dvd box set they got for the holidays, and that's it (okay - I totally made up the part abt the re-gifting, but it is just as plausible as whatever lame-ass excuse for that present in the first place. Oh, wait - that's right - Obama was tired from all of his Weds. night partying, so much so he cancels the official luncheon, too. But he can get in a round of golf, you know!).

LOVE the word - that is absolutely perfect!!

I cannot WAIT to hear how your Thanksgiving goes, SFIndie. PLEASE let me know!!

nazareth priest said...

I was highly amused listening to a talk radio personality (a woman, I might add) who commented that "Spokes Weasel" (LOL! I'm dying here!) is just like the kid in jr. high that everybody hated: a smart aleck, know it all, a general loser, the one that nobody wanted to deal with...pretty on target, no?

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Nazareth Priest, that is a PERFECT description!! I cannot tell you the times he has basically been standing up there going, "I know you are, but what am I?" over and over and over again. Sheesh.

Thanks for the laugh!