Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Well, it being Halloween and everything, I thought about doing some snarky kind of post about politicians who are particularly scary, like Nancy Pelosi, or Barney Frank. But then I thought, "Why ruin a perfectly nice holiday?" Ahem.

So - for your enjoyment, I have the following photographs, sent to me by my cousin, who got them heaven-only-knows-where (somewhere on the internet). The headline of the emails was, "When Farm Kids Get Bored," and who happen to be a bit creative (who knows if these were even done by kids?). Anyway, for your Halloween Viewing Pleasure, here they are:

I hope you have a good, safe, day. Happy Halloween, everyone!


Mary Ellen said...

I love those pics! Really creative. I like the one with the motorcycle. :-)

I didn't have nearly as many kids at my door as I did last year. I bought extra candy just in case, figuring that on a weekend they would come out sooner.

I always buy the packages of big candy bars and large packages of anything sour...the kids prefer sour 2-1. I ended telling the kids at the end of the evening to take two instead of one. Needless to say, they were REALLY pleased!

I love it when the teens come trick-or-treating, they're really good kids just trying to stretch their childhood a little longer and I see nothing wrong with that. They are always more than polite and really sweet.

Oh...and I actually had a little girl dressed up like a fairy who was taking her time looking through the bowl of different candy bars, sour apple punch straws,and Shockers and instead of hearing "Can I have two", she said in a disgusting manner..."I don't see anything here that I like" and she walked away in a huff!

This is the first time that has EVER happened and it was the first time I was ever rendered speechless! I guess the trick was on me, eh? :-D

Happy Halloween (a day late, I'm sorry) and Happy All Saints Day!!! I have a little bit written about the nuns that were in Liberia with and were murdered by rebels. I didn't go into the entire story--maybe I'll do that another day.

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Fruity alcoholic drink for after choir practice?

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

LOL - PERFECT word!! That is too cute!

I cannot BELIEVE that little girl who walked off in a huff because "she didn't see any candy she liked." Are you freakin' KIDDING me?? My parents would have smacked me upside my fool head if I had EVER said something that rude to anyone! Holy SMOKES!!

I bet you made those other kids' nights, though, giving them extra! And I don't see a thing wrong with teenagers trick or treating either as long as they aren't up to mischief. Why not? They're still kids, and they like candy! It's some pretty nice entertainment for them, and wholesome at that.

Yes, a good All Saints Day to you, as well, ME! I have thought often abt the Liberia story. It is just a staggering tale - I barely have words for it. Good for you for starting to put that out there. It is just an overwhelming story, but one that definitely needs to be told.

Glad you like the pics! It's amazing what people can do, isn't it? Even if they have the proper equipment to move those big round bales around, they are still heavy as crap, and they have to finesse them as well. Amazing. People can really surprise you, you know? In a good way, that is, not like the little huffy girl...

Ahem. So - any candy left over for you? ;-)

Mary Ellen said...

Rev. Amy- I have waaaay too much candy left...two full boxes that weren't even opened and one that is half full. Ugh. My son can take them back to school with him next time he visits. I don't want the temptation around. I'm putting the chocolate bars in the deep freezer in the basement. Out of sight, out of mind...and off my derrière. ;-)

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

ROTFL - sounds like a good plan, ME!! Give it to those kids with the high metabolism! :-D

nazareth priest said...

Don't want to sound like a "crank"...but it looks like somebody(bodies) has too much time on their hands!!
Just kidding.
Great kids are especially creative...wish I had thought of this when I was growing up on the farm!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

LOL - nah - just wanted to do something fun for a change!

That's cool that you grew up on a farm, Nazareth Priest. Hard work, I know, but working with the earth and animals, being out in the fresh air, and providing for so many others, has got to be fulfilling...

nazareth priest said...

Rev. Amy: At the time I was growing up I HATED the farm...sort are absolutely correct; a LOT of hard work; my deteriorated and herniated spinal cord tells the story.
But now, as I look back, I am so grateful that I lived there. I believe I received my contemplative vocation there; it grounded and rooted me. Dad was a Doctor but we did not live the "country club life". Very simple, down to earth living (many hours weeding the garden!). For that, I am am grateful.
The beauty of nature and the animals, you are right, were such great experiences. Thanks.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, Nazareth Priest,

Oh, I am sure as a kid it must have seemed like torture! All that work while others were playing. I am so sorry to hear of the toll it took on you physically, though.

How wonderful that it led you to your vocation. That is a blessing indeed...

It would seem your father, even though a doctor, was more interested in being, well, um, grounded, if you will. Good for him, and good for what it gave you!