Thursday, October 22, 2009

ACORN's Fall Continues

Yes, indeedy - another videotape courtesy of James O'Keefe, the "pimp," and his "prostitute girlfriend," Hannah Giles, in a Philadelphia ACORN office. Only this time, O'Keefe is firing back at the ACORN employee who claimed she showed them the door tout de suite. But first, a round-up about this latest video at the National Press Club:

Here is the expanded version of the video O'Keefe mentioned:

Why is it people don't understand the concept of videotape?? Unlike the introductions to "Mission Impossible," it does NOT self-destruct after being played just once! So when someone goes on camera to make a claim, they might want to make sure there isn't a recording somewhere refuting their claims. I'm just sayin'.

You may recall that these videos raised the issues of funding for ACORN and investigations into their practices. Rep. John Conyers decided to, once again, investigate this organization. As a result of this expose, both the House and the Senate voted to cut their funding. Rightly so, I might add.

But not so fast - it is possible that funding will be restored once the FY 2010 Budget is passed, thus cutting ACORN's funding for TWO months. Clearly, this is something we will have to watch, but that this is even possible is absurd. Apparently, our elected representatives think we're a bunch of idiots. Let's make sure they know we aren't.

Until then, ACORN's continued fall couldn't happen to a more deserving group, don't you think?


Mary Ellen said...

So, what the ACORN representative did was file a false police report, and if I'm not wrong, that is against the law. I think O'Keefe should sue them for that and bring in the tape as evidence. I think the tape could be used for evidence in a case like that.

Those Obots at Media Matters are nothing but a bunch of self-serving morons who have no intention of ever telling the truth. Media only matters to them when they can use it for their own brand of propaganda. Hypocrites.

(word verification for today: "dopunked"--and yes, people "do" get "punked"...people like Media Matters. ;-) )

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

EXCELLENT point, ME. I hadn't even thought of that.

Can you believe the way that woman was just spouting bald faced lies? That really does take some gall.

I used to LOVE MediaMatters. I looked at it religiously. But, as they began to align themselves more and more with Obama, thus losing the very essence of why they began, it became too much for me. Now, I have total respect for them.

And they sure did get "punked" didn't they? They won't admit it, though.

I think you should send that word to Stephen Colbert!

Mary Ellen said...

I know, I used to like MM, too. It seems that everyone who goes over to the Obama side give up their souls. That kool-aid is strong stuff.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

No doubt it is. Kinda makes me wonder what ELSE they're putting in that KoolAide, ya know??