Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mao Is Mighty Popular Amongst Obama's Czars

Nope, I am not talking about Anita Dunn this time. Ron Bloom is the latest Obama Czar (Manufacturing) to quote Mao as an authority. And just wait to see which quote he uses from Mao. Oh, and he disses that whole free market thing, too. See for yourself:

You may recall that Ron Bloom was a negotiator with the United Steel Workers, and apparently known for being a bit of a potty mouth while he was at it. Oh, and naturally, like so many of the people with whom Obama surrounds himself, has ties to the SEIU, which was co-created by Wade Rathke of ACORN fame. Yep, he surely does.

Remarkable, isn't it? When Obama keeps trying to claim he doesn't know all that much about ACORN and their doings? Yeah, right. But I digress.

You know, it makes sense, though, really. As Obama takes over private enterprise as well as banks with our dollars (more on this below), and attempts to destroy any media that isn't favorable to it, I think we are well on our way to an, um, less than Democratic union. And we have Czars like Anita Dunn and Ron Bloom to lead the way, not to mention Obama himself, a card-carrying member of the Socialist New Party (and don't forget Van Jones, who had to resign). Ain't that something?

Remember when our friends and families scoffed at us and ridiculed us for making these claims about Obama and his associates? Uh huh. Dontcha just HATE it when you know you're right and people treat you like your nuts? I wonder how they feel now? Oh, right - they're probably all singing their "Mmmm mmmm mmm" song while our once democratic nation goes by the boards...

By the way, the Bailout Watchdog had this to say about the TARP program - OUR taxpaying dollars at work:
But even as the administration aimed to refocus the massive Troubled Asset Relief Program on small businesses and homeowners, Barofsky said in his report that the effort to save the nation's financial sector came at great cost to taxpayers, to the integrity of the financial system and to the public's perception of the federal government.

"Despite the aspects of TARP that could reasonably be viewed as a substantial success," he wrote, "Treasury's actions in this regard have contributed to damage the credibility of the program and of the government itself, and the anger, cynicism and distrust created must be chalked up as one of the substantial, albeit unnecessary, costs of TARP."

Barofsky said public suspicion was fed by Treasury's decision not to require banks to report how they used their rescue money and its "less-than-accurate" statements describing the financial condition of nine large banks that benefited from large infusions of aid. The TARP program began under the administration of President George W. Bush and has expanded under Obama.

And now the Obama Administration has taken on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. I'm not kidding. The All Stars had an excellent discussion on this last night, and included the overarching issues of both the Chamber of Commerce AND the attacks by Anita Dunn on Fox News. It provides a good overview of the direction the Obama Administration is heading:

You know, if things continue down this path with the people Obama has surrounded himself, I think we can expect to have this painting in the White House:

Replaced with this one:

Hey, it could happen! And the chances of that seem to be increasing with every day...


nazareth priest said...

Pray God, it doesn't...but you are SO on target!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Amen, Nazareth Priest!

And thanks!

Mary Ellen said...

Remember the good ol' days when we were a Democracy and we distrusted communism and even sent our military war to defeat them? We sure are getting that "Change" thing Obama promised,eh?

Yup..the Obots are still humming their Obama love song. I checked out a few of the Obot blogs yesterday and they are scary as hell.

I'd love to know when Democrats saw Bill Clinton as evil personified? I need a new game card because I thought that was Republican rhetoric. I'm so confused. :-?

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Oh, yeah, Mary Ellen. Seems to me, if memory serves, we actually fought a Cold War over communism. I must have been wrong - and I am sure the history books will say NOTHING abt that time period after Obama's people are done.

WTH abt Bill? Are you kidding me? I mean, what is their deal with him? Like Hillary always said, what didn't they like - the peace or the prosperity???

Holy crapoli, ME - I can't believe they're still singing his praises. And you must have a STRONG stomach to weed through them!

What is going on with our country, Mary Ellen?

Mary Ellen said...

Rev.Amy- I don't know what in the world is happening. I have to wonder if a lot of the screwiness is just a sheer lack of education. It seems now that if you read the history or social studies books, they barely go into any of our history of fighting communism, the cold war, etc. Ask the average Obot today who Eisenhower was and they will give you a blank stare. Ask about the Cuban Missile Crisis and their knowledge is almost non existent. Ask them about what happened during the invasion of Afghanistan by Russian troops in '79 and what the outcome was and they're clueless.

You could see how little curiosity they had about Obama when he ran. They didn't want to know anything about him and if you tried to tell them, they just stuck their fingers in their ears and started screaming racist. They have no idea who this man is and what he represents.

I can tell you this, Rev.Amy, my son goes to Illinois State University and is majoring in Sociology and I have no idea what they are teaching him. I know he went in questioning Obama, looking at his record, talking about the corruption and after one semester with a Soc. prof. and he's all Obamabot now. Scary.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Mary Ellen, I'm just shaking my head. I t is VERY scary that your son has lost his willingness to question - isn't that what college is supposed to ENCOURAGE? Or is it just that some of these professors like having their followers and to be the "cool" ones? Who knows, but I imagine it is VERY frustrating for you to watch it.

And especially because there is so little perspective and history going along with what Obama is pushing. How did we raise a generation of young people who are so incurious? The thing that is SO ironic abt that is that is exactly what we accused Bush of being! And now, these Obama supporters are imitating the very people we ridiculed and maligned for not caring abt Bush's record! How could they pick an even LESS experienced leader, with NO real-world leadership in ANYTHING? Who spouts nothing but platitudes, and yet has taken over a number of private industries in a matter of MONTHS with OUR money? I just don't get it. He can't make a decision abt Afghanistan, but he can sure jump in quickly to take our money. That should say something right there.

Yep - no sense of history. No desire to KNOW, either. I'm not sure which one is worse, since the outcome is the same...

Sorry - I'm rambling, it's late...I wanted to respond to your very good comment, though. Thanks, ME!

Mary Ellen said...

Rev. Amy- No need to apologize for rambling. All my comments are rambling and I've learned to embrace my rambling-ness. As you can tell by my rambling response. ;-)

And yes, the frustration is enormous regarding my son. I also read on his facebook that this prof uses YouTube as a learning device and that even freaked out my son. Maybe he'll wake up when he's finished with this class...or when Obama puts him in some sort of mandatory "Service" unit.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Oh, boy...I guess that's the way the kids are learning these days? Kinda scary that...Glad your son picked up on that. Maybe once the KoolAide vapors disperse, he'll be able to clear his head.

Or like you said, once he's out being forced to volunteer (ahem), he'll get the message

I'd be pretty angry abt the whole thing. Classes aren't supposed to be a forum for the prof to to promote his/her personal choices, after all. Sheesh.