Thursday, October 22, 2009

Is Tonight The Night?

You know, the night the Yankees clinch the American League Championship? They lead the series 3 - 1 over the Angels, and HOPEFULLY, will win again tonight to meet the Philadelphia Phillies in the World Series. The Phillies, in case you missed it, closed out the National League Championship over the LA Dodgers 4 -1. Now, many of us wanted to see a matchup with the Dodgers and the Yankees since the Yankees former manger, under whom they won their last World Series, Joe Torre, is now with the Dodgers. But, it wasn't meant to be, apparently. Congratulations to the Phillies and their fans for a back-to-back return to the World Series!

Now you know I am a huge Yankees fan. I was telling my dear friend Bronwyn's Harbor about the series, and got her started watching the games. I mentioned that I had a shrine to the Yankees in my living room. She suggested I share it with you, so here it is:

Let me just say, besides the t-shirt, and the baseball, I didn't buy ANY of those things. My Mets loving cousin was kind enough to send most of them to me. She has an eye for all things Yankees for me. She knows of my deep and abiding love for both the Yankees and their captain, Derek Jeter. The small framed piece is actually a painted feather from Belize that my niece gave me.

I might add, the baseball you can see there was not purchased, either, at least not with money from me. My partner took me to Cleveland for 3 games with the Indians for my 50th birthday (it just happened that they were in Cleveland for the day of my birthday). We were in the section to get autographs during batting practice. That baseball was hit by A-Rod, a screaming foul ball that hit my partner. While it was bad that it hit her, had she not been where she was, it would have hit the very pregnant woman next to her in the abdomen, which would NOT Have been good. Anyway, after batting practice, Johnny Damon came over and signed it for me while my partner was getting medical treatment (no permanent damage, but the bruise lasted for WEEKS. Seriously. It was A-Rod, after all!).

Speaking of Derek Jeter, he has been playing sick the past few days. Not that that has stopped him from hitting a home run, and getting on base in every game, not to mention great defensive plays. He embodies the very best of a Yankees Captain, IMHO.

And in a totally "Entertainment Weekly" kind of way, don't you think Derek Jeter and the singer, Leona Lewis, would make a beautiful couple? Check them out:

(PRNewsFoto/J Records)

Right?? I know! But, Derek is with the actress, Minka Kelly, and Leona lives with her high school boyfriend. Oh, well, as long as they're happy...(Don't worry - this is but a slight foray into Hollywood-style gossip. I'll be back to political pontificating ASAP.)

Anyhoo - I'm not going to take any chances about the Yankees winning tonight. I'll don my Yankees away gray t-shirt, put on my Derek Jeter official jersey, grab my Yankees cap, and watch the game with a Diet IBC Root Brewski or Diet Dr. Pepper in hand. Maybe if I play the video below a bunch, my prayers will be answered (major H/T to Nunly at Bad Habit). I warn you, the song may get stuck in your head, but it is SO worth it:

I just hope I won't be laughing so hard I don't miss a great play by the Captain, or another home run by A-Rod. And say what you will, but despite some apparent clashing between his new girlfriend, Kate Hudson, and the other Yankees' wives/girlfriends, he is having the very best post season he has ever had since he started seeing her (h/t to Bronwyn for the link). Maybe he's just a big Kurt Russell and/or Goldie Hawn fan, and likes having them around, too, since they often accompany Kate. Who knows? As long as he keeps hitting like this, I am happy, happy, happy.

So, you know what I'll be doing tonight - wishing, hoping, and yes, praying. Hopefully, I'll be CELEBRATING, too. Then, you know I'll be at the MLB shop getting my new American League Champions t-shirt to add to the shrine for the upcoming World Series!

Consider this an Open Thread. What's on YOUR mind today? Maybe that it's been fifty-four days since Gen. McChrystal;'s recommendations landed on Obama's desk about Afghanistan? Maybe the economy? Health Care Reform? Whatever it is, have at it!


Mary Ellen said...

I'm watching the game as I type this. ;-)

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

And they made a game of it after AJ's shaky start (what else is new? He has NOT been a good acquisition for the Yanks - he is so streaky). But for reasons I cannot understand, Girardi played Swisher AGAIN instead of Brett Gardner, who is faster, great arm, and can HIT. Swisher failed to move runners over from third TWICE, and cost the Yanks the game on that front.

Of course, the bullpen, and the decision by Girardi to put AJ BACK out there after he had been sitting for half an hour, is the icing on the cake.

I'm steamed...