Sunday, October 4, 2009

Are You Tired Of Seeing

Photos like this every single day, especially as The One Who Thinks He Is King and his wife, thought their awesomeness would win Chicago the 2016 Olympics:

Or this:

And finally (!), this:

I sure as hell know I am. Oh, and all photos came from this Huffington Post site - where else, unless it was MSNBC? Ahem. There are plenty more, if you wish to go see them. I know you're surprised by that.

I tell you who I would rather see. While the Obamas and their pal, Oprah, you know, the one who anointed Obama as The One, were wasting our tax dollars on a trip no other president has made EVER, there was someone who was hard at work for the country. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, of course, as the photos* below make clear. She was meeting with Dr. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, who is the Secretary General of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, to discuss issues related to Muslim relations around the world. Here she is greeting him:

Here is Secretary Clinton in rapt attention as he speaks:

And here, Secretary Clinton indicates it is time to move on:

Look at how he looks at her. We have seen this look of respect from leaders all around the world. They know what so many of us know - this woman is no political lightweight. She is brilliant, she is knowledgeable, and she is capable. She will get the job done, no hemming and hawing around, no sirree.

Sophie B. Hawkins says it all in the video below:

Damn - I wish she was president, too...

* All photos by Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images North America


Mary Ellen said...

Damn...I wish she were President, too! I love that video.

The only thing is, I'm afraid that now she has taken on the job as SOS, she won't run again, especially after an incumbent Democratic President. The only way I see that happening is if Obama is such a complete disaster that the Democratic party asks him not to run again (and we all know his ego won't listen to that advice) and then they would have to beg Hillary to come back and run and they would have to promise her full support, like they did with Obama.

I have the feeling that Obama will run again and his Obots will go back to their old drooly selves and start chanting "Yes He Can!" all over again. Although, I don't think he'll get the Independent vote again so he'll have to work harder on cheating at the polls...and we all know that, Yes He Can....cheat. It's the only thing he excels at.

(Oh and,IMO, the constant wearing of gold in Copenhagen was a big mistake, it made her and Obama look elitist and smug, as if they had no doubt that their aura would be enough to win this for the U.S.)

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

I know, ME - I was thinking abt that, today. The only way I can see her being able to run is if Obama loses next time (refer back to your comment abt his cheating, which would make it difficult), and her running AFTER a Rep. 4 yr term. If she tried to challenge him for the nomination, I think we'd see even more vitriol directed at her - unless the KoolAiders get stone cold sober.

The one bright light, though, is ACORN being investigated in so many states with all of the info that has come out abt them this year. Now they know for a FACT that they committed voter fraud (like we didn't already know that, but would people listen? Noooo...), so he won't be able to count on them as much as he did the last time.

I agree abt her wearing gold. They seem to think that if Michelle wears gold, people are going to treat them like they are royalty. Or actually think they ARE royalty. I know they seem to think that the entire country is at their disposal, like royalty of old (as opposed to SERVING their country)...

I have to hope that people will tire of them making absolutely EVERYTHING abt them, and lying abt their personal stories. I mean, really - the way people went after Clinton abt the Bosnia thing when they WERE flying into a very dangerous area, yet they let all KINDS of made up stuff go with the Obamas (March on Selma leading to Obama's birth, Michelle sitting on her daddy's lap at 20...). Sheesh...

Great comment, ME!