Thursday, December 31, 2009

More Changes For The Democratic Party?

I just about fell out of my chair laughing when I read this story, and then it just made me angry. What a crock. I am sure you can spot what was particularly offensive in this article by Chris Ciliza:
Democratic Commission Recommends Elimination Of Superdelegates

Eighteen months removed from a protracted presidential primary fight, a Democratic group convened to examine the nominating process has recommended that so-called superdelegates be eliminated.

The Democratic Change Commission, which was formed last August by President Barack Obama, plans to recommend that superdelegates -- also known as unpledged delegates -- will be required to vote in accordance with the electoral performance of the state from which they represent.

"We need to show deference to what the party members in our state have done," said Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill, one of the co-chairs of the commission.

The elimination of free-agent superdelegates comes in response to the outcry from many within the party during the 2008 primary fight when then Sen. Hillary Clinton made the argument to unpledged delegates that it was their responsibility to not vote as their state had voted but rather cast their votes for the candidate they thought would be the best person to represent the party.

Obama allies insisted this was an attempt to suborn the will of the people. Clinton loyalists shot back that the creation of superdelegates was for just such a purpose -- a close race in which the will of the people is very closely divided.

Excuse me, Mr. Ciliza, you seem to have transposed the names here. Perhaps a little trip down Memory Lane is in order. Just a suggestion:
The creation of superdelegates -- members of the Democratic National Committee, House Members and Senators and former party leaders -- in the early 1980s was designed to give the establishment of the Democratic party more say in the identity of the nominee. Since their creation, superdelegates had never been a serious factor in a presidential race until the 2008 contest.

The Commission included several Obama loyalists including Jeff Berman, who spearheaded the delegate operation for the campaign, and David Plouffe who managed the then Illinois Senator's candidacy.

North Carolina state Sen. Dan Blue, a member of the Commission, offered a dissenting voice on a call announcing the proposed changes. "There is no escape when something unforeseen occurs," said Blue of the potential consequences of eliminating unpledged delegates.

The Change Commission recommendations will now go before the Democratic National Committee's Rules and Bylaws Committee.

Uh huh. Sure, it was ALL Clinton wanting superdelegates to "suborn" the will of the people. That would explain Massachusetts, for example. Oh, no, wait - she WON Massachusetts by a good bit, and BOTH Kennedy and Kerry went for, who,e xactly? That's right - OBAMA. How about West Virginia? Yep, she won it in a LANDSLIDE, and for whom did Byrd and Rockefeller go? Was it the one with the overwhelming win? No, they went to OBAMA, who tanked in WVA. And there would be California, another state Clinton won. One of her superdelegates switched to Obama after she won the state. And how about Speaker Pelosi - who did she favor? Clearly, Obama, even though Californians went for Clinton. Can't forget New Jersey, a state Clinton won, and the list goes on and on.

Don't even get me started on what happened at the Democratic National Convention and how the pledged delegates voted.

No doubt, the will of the people was "suborned" alright, but it sure as hell wasn't by Hillary Clinton. I think it is obvious who DID suborn the will of the people, though.

To believe that the DNC is capable of self-policing itself on this matter after this past election would be laughable, if it wasn't so damn hypocritical...

UPDATE: There are now 13 States Attorneys General questioning the legality of the Health "Care" Bill. You may recall that just a couple of days ago it was 10, including SC AG McMaster, who used the term, "corruption" in his description. This could get mighty interesting!


Anonymous said...

OMG, is Ciliza taking baths in the kool-aid? Injecting it into his veins? We know this pretend-journalist has a great dislike for SoS Clinton...remember that video he and Dana Milbank did? But to distort the truth so blatantly is just a joke.

Love that there are now 13 states AGs. Too bad none are Dems, but then I've come to realize that the Dems have no cojones. I think they were always this bad, but I was so brainwashed I never really saw it until now, when they have all the power and are abusing just as unconsciously as the Repubs.

Have you checked out Logistics Monster? Great video posted yesterday on interview with one of the witnesses of Flight 253. There's a cover-up going on here, and I'd sure like to know why. Too bad there are no Woodward & Bernstein's any more.

Happy New Year, Rev! This is an auspicious end to 2009 - Full Moon, Blue Moon, AND Lunar Eclipse! The potential is there for great new beginnings in 2010. Maybe we'll see a new Congress, eh? Throw da bums out....

Mary Ellen said...

Yeah, it's funny that all those in the Dem hierarchy who helped Obama get elected, are having second thoughts. Their revisionist history is amazing. What a bunch of hypocrites. Didn't Donna Brazille-nut say that the Dem party doesn't need the old Dems? Now that the Obots have been thrown under the bus by Obama they are all saying they are not going to vote in the next election. So much for the "new Democratic Party", eh?

I wonder if they're going to get rid of the caucuses, too?

Mary Ellen said...

Happy New Year to you and your partner, Rev. Amy! May 2010 bring you happiness and joy...and the extra added surprise of an impeached President!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, SF -

I know - Ciliza is just way over the edge. I shoulda known when I saw it was his byline, after that horrendous video, that there was no way he would report this accurately. And boy, did he ever NOT report it accurately.

I hear ya - I feel the same way. I just cannot believe what a died-in-the wool Dem I was, even saying things like why didn't Reps have antennae or something so I could tell them apart from normal people? Yeah - I was that bad, I admit it.

And now? Ha - there would have to be somebody pretty special for me to vote for a Dem at this point, particularly given how they have acted the past 2 years...

I get an email from Logistics Monster every day, but since I am traveling, I haven't had a chance to see the video yet. I'll try and do that now. Interesting that you think there is some kind of cover-up. I would not be surprised, all things considered. Sheesh...

Happy New Year to you, too, SF! Isn't it so cool abt the blue moon? It DOES sound like an auspicious beginning - let's hope so!!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, ME!

Happy New Year to you and Mr. Nunly, too!

Donna Bazille-NUT - oh, that is so funny...Yes, she did say that. I think that maybe, just maybe, they are going to have a rude awakening in 2010. I sure as hell hope so...

Happy New Year, friends!