Friday, December 25, 2009

All I Want For Christmas...

Is a Merry Christmas for everyone who celebrates Christmas, and for a lovely day for those who do not. It's a magical time of year no matter one's religious beliefs, I think (and even atheism is a belief). Maybe it's the shorter days and the lights on the tree, recreating ancient memories..

Certainly one aspect of this season that makes it even more magical to me is the music. I love it. I love the old hymns, the tunes with their basis in Gregorian chant, or even more ancient melodies. They stir something deep within me. The variation from calm and quiet to exuberance is the tale of human existence. Thus the magic is made.

And I love Celtic music, too. One group that does both is Celtic Woman. I love their voices, and the energy they bring to music. They make it so alive, it is a delight to see. I would like to share with you some Christmas pieces by them, as well as some newer pieces by contemporary artists, one I absolutely cannot resist..

The first carol was new to me until I received the Celtic Woman"A Christmas Celebration" cd. I might add, that is saying something. My father was the choirmaster and organist at every (Episcopal) church to which we belonged, and I started singing in choir at the age of 5. But I was unfamiliar with this one, "The Wexford Carol." It is lovely, and sets the tone for this day:

This one, also by Celtic Woman, is "Christmas Pipes." Make sure you watch their fiddler, Mairead. I swear, gravity has absolutely no effect on her:

One last one for today from Celtic Woman, which features Mairead first, then the rest of the group:

I absolutely cannot resist this song by Mariah Carey. It never fails to bring a smile to my face. Her frolicking in the video below is just adorable:

But what Christmas would be complete without an ornament like this, from my friend, Larry, the former CIA agent, and founder of No Quarter:

In case you can't read his note, it says, "Nothing says Christmas like a spook on a reindeer."

Finally, I would be remiss if I did not include a holiday piece to honor our service personnel abroad. I cannot imagine how difficult it must be to spend the holidays apart from your family and friends. So, this is for you, with my thoughts and prayers going out to you, especially for your safety and swift return:

Merry Christmas to you and yours, friends! May you all be safe. May you not be alone. May this holiday season be filled with love, laughter, and peace.


nazareth priest said...

Rev. Amy: LOVE the Celtic Women!
A merry Christmas to you, wishing you every grace and blessing.
We're experiencing a sort-of blizzard here in WI; sleet, snow/rain mix, yuck!
But it has not dampened our spirits.
And a Happy New Year, too!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Merry Christmas, Nazareth Priest! SO glad you like the Celtic Women - they are really amazing, aren't they

Yuck indeed abt the weather you are having. I supposed I shouldn't tell you that even though it is rainy here, it's in the mid-60's? Ahem. Anyway, glad it is not dampening your spirits. I hope you stay safe and warm.

Happy New Year to you, too!

Mary Ellen said...


So sorry I couldn't get here yesterday, it was really crazy at home, both on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. My poor dog was simply exhausted and could barely muster up the energy to beg for food while we were cooking in the kitchen, she just laid under the desk in the kitchen and slept.

Our "Christmas guests" were delivered to my granddaughter's house on Christmas Eve, after she fell asleep. She had been doubting the existence of Santa for about a month because the kids at school said he wasn't real. But after she stayed with us the night before Christmas Eve and all day Christmas Eve, she was beginning to think that maybe...just maybe Santa was real.

When she got up on Christmas morning and saw her gifts and the cage with two guinea pigs in it with a letter from Santa telling her how proud he was of her this year and that he thought she was old enough for her own pets, she was convinced of his existence. She told me, "I KNOW Santa is real now because my mom would NEVER let me have rodents!" I cracked up! Little does she know... :-D

And here she stayed overnight at my house, sleeping in the room right next to the bedroom we were keeping them.

(Oh, the reason we ended up with two guinea pigs is because the one we got first looked so lonely after being in a cage with more than one and then having none, so we went out--with my daughter's permission--to get one more. They are both females.)

I also had the opportunity to talk to my daughter in New Hampshire and my daughter and grand-kids in PA with the web-cam, so seeing them was even more fun!

I hope you and your partner had a great Christmas! Like NP, we had plenty of snow, sleet and ice...really crummy weather. It started snowing last night and is still going strong this afternoon.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Mary Ellen, that is an AWESOME story! That is so, so cute abt your granddaughter. Suzy and I cracked up over knowing Santa is real since her mom wouldn't let her have rodents - too, too, funny! She clearly has inherited your wit!

Good idea abt getting another one so the first wasn't lonely. That was really kind of you!

AND I cracked up over the dog being too tired to beg. That is saying something for a LAB!!! LOL...

Sounds like a great day, all in all. Wonderful!

Ours was nice, too. We went to a movie with our friend Beth, who takes care of our horse, and her 9 yr old son, and generally had a quiet day.

Now I am visiting my mom for a couple of days, then we are off to CA for a few days to see Suzy's family (her parents are visitng her sister out there). Very hard seeing my mom these days, I have to say. She has declined rapidly - we are trying to see her as much as possible now...

Thanks again for the great story, ME - you are the best!!