Thursday, December 10, 2009

Human Rights Day, December 10th

Today is Human Rights Day. What better time to listen to one of the Top 100 Speeches of the 20th Century, Hillary Clinton's powerful, moving speech on Human Rights in China:

Yes, indeed this incredible speech definitely is in the Top 100. Amazing - Hillary Clinton is amazing. I still cannot believe the number of women who did not support her historic run for the president. Who would NOT want an advocate like her in the White House?

While she did not make it (this time) for all the myriad reasons we know, a new online organization has been started comprised of those who support the work Hillary Clinton does on our behalf, all of us. Thr organization is No Limits. Ann Lewis, who authored numerous emails during the Primary Season for the Clinton Campaign, is affiliated with this organization as well. This is the most recent email from No Limits:
December 10 is Human Rights Day

When then First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton told the world in 1995 that "women's rights are human rights, and human rights are women's rights," she sent a message of hope and aspiration that continues to resonate today, from kitchen tables in American cities to small villages in countries around the globe.

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has continued her strong commitment to human rights and women's rights. In the last year, she has appointed the first ever Ambassador for Global Women's Issues, chaired the first UN Security Council session on violence against women, and offered significant medical help and protection for rape victims in the Congo.

Join and support our commitment to human rights - and women's rights - around the world.

Secretary Clinton has spoken out for religious freedom and diversity in Tazakh, LGBT rights in town halls from Washington, D.C. to Moldova, and increased access to technology for grassroots advocates fighting to be heard in Iran. She's condemned the murder of journalists in Russia, and called on China to release those still imprisoned for their actions during the protests in Tiananmen Square two decades ago.

To read more about Hillary's work around the world

Here at, we're proud of Hillary's leadership as Secretary of State: working to rebuild our global alliances and serving as a strong voice for human rights. Our progressive agenda includes supporting these new directions in foreign policy, and also focuses on economic and work-family issues here at home, including the need for health care reform and new initiatives to combat the too-high rate of unemployment. We are advocates for an America engaged and active, domestically and internationally, supporting policies that truly reflect our values.

"I hope you believe, as I do, that foreign policy matters", Hillary said at our policy conference last month, "[and] that what we're doing can be explained and understood by the small business owner in Colorado or the homemaker in California...because it is important to our society and it's important to who we are as a nation, what we stand for in pursuit of our interests and in accordance with our values. I believe that...but we have to make the case to the rest of our country as well."

So if you agree with Hillary that foreign policy matters...

...that we must work to increase access to education globally for every child - girls and boys;
...that strengthening economic opportunity for every family helps to build the world we want our children to inherit;
...and that we are proud of leadership that works to end violence against women and recognizes that women's rights are truly human rights...

Then join us and help to make the case!

Thank you for all you have done and all you continue to do.

Ann F. Lewis

How refreshing to have an organization that celebrates the work of this remarkable woman, highlighting the work she is doing around the world. No doubt about it, Secretary Clinton is doing a tremendous amount of work. She is tireless in her efforts to secure human rights for ALL people.

Indeed, what a remarkable woman Hillary Clinton is - the speech she gave 14 years ago is just as meaningful today, the issues, unfortunately, still just as pressing. So today, on Human Rights Day, take action, whether it be at No Limits, or Amnesty International, or an organization of your choice.

I will close with these words of Hillary Clinton's, which are still powerful, still moving, still a call to action:
"It is time to break the silence. It is time for us to say here in Beijing, and for the world to hear, that it is no longer acceptable to discuss women's rights as separate from human rights. These abuses have continued because, for too long, the history of women has been a history of silence. Even today there are those who are trying to silence our words..."

Let's change that, shall we?

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