Wednesday, September 2, 2009

That is SOME Turnabout

Rep. Carol Shea-Porter of NH went from being a citizen who protested at Town Halls, who was removed from a George Bush event, and disrupted her former congressperson's town halls, to someone who has a constituent removed for asking a simple question. Yes, in just four years, Rep. Shea-Porter has done a complete 180. Astonishing. Sadly predictable. And incredibly hypocritical. Now she is treating her constituents, who were far less disruptive than she was from all reports, as if they are raving lunatics.

Check out what happened to one such "lunatic":

You can see why he needed to be escorted out by Security. Ahem. He wanted to know if someone there was actually from NH. And the man escorted out is a retired police officer.

Oh, didn't you also like her snide comment to him about her hope that a movie theater would be quieter?

And here is another one of her rabid constituents, who recounts his attempts to get ANY information from her office about upcoming events:

Wow. Way to represent your people, Rep. Shea-Porter. She has some major short-term memory loss it would seem. Or is as clear an example as anyone could want that power corrupts. Maybe both.

Do you think she knows that people voted her in, and they can vote her out?

This really is quite sad if you think about it (on a number of levels). That someone who regularly exercised her right to protest, including against the President of the United States, has now become someone who will not tolerate even the slightest dissent in the form of a question. In four years since she was elected she has done this turnabout. It really makes you wonder - which one was the real person, the one who protested, or the one who removes protesters?

In any event, I reckon her constituents are going to have the opportunity to let her know just how they feel about her treatment of them in a few short months. Yep. Perhaps by then, she will have realized maybe she shouldn't have treated them like a disposable commodity. Time will tell.


Mary Ellen said...

Gosh, I see these videos at these townhall meetings and just shake my head that these politicians think that making snide remarks at their constituents, shutting them up and having them thrown out of meetings is going to be forgotten come voting day.

Yesterday while I was driving home, I was listening to Ronnie Reagan's show on Air American (I like to hear with both sides are saying) and he was interviewing a Congresswoman (I think) named Louise Slaughter. They were talking about health care and when he asked her if she would be having any townhall meetings, she said, "No, I won't give those people a forum". Those people??? She doesn't want to know what anyone else has to say. I was under the impression that these representatives had the job to represent THEIR ENTIRE CONSTITUENCY, not just those who's party they belong to.

I hope they go down in flames come 2010 and they take Obama with them.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Wow, Louise Slaughter said that?? She better hope her constituents didn't hear her.

You'd think that even if someone AGREES with her, they would vote against a representative who doesn't want to represent them! But, we all know how fair and honorable people are these days (integrity? What's THAT word mean??).

What a ridiculous thing for her to say. Holy shit.

There's another video I want to put up of this guy in your home state instructing people on how to drown out anyone asking a QUESTION, not chanting, not disrupting, but asking a question. I can't help but wonder if it was exactly that group's presence that made that retired cop ask where those people lived.

So much for democracy. I guess we already knew that when the DNC stole votes from the people, and allowed rampant fraud at the caucuses. You'd think I wouldn't be surprised by it after two years (of in-your-face betrayal), but I'm not...

Btw, I used to listen to Al Franken's show all the time. Hell, I gave him money for his campaign. And I was an AVID Stephanie Miller fan, until her entire show was abt how great Obama was. I couldn't take it anymore...

I'm with you. I hope the people rise up and show our elected officials just what it means to serve the public...