Sunday, September 13, 2009

"Tens Of Thousands"

Yes, more numbers to report to you you today. "Tens of Thousands" is the phrase the Washington Post and The New York Times used to describe the numbers of people marching on Washington yesterday, voicing their concerns over the rampant spending by Congress. "Tens of thousands" has apparently become a euphemism for 1.2 - 2 MILLION, since that's how many showed up on 9/12/09 in Washington. Too bad the Washington Post couldn't get the "official estimate" - it was available, but hey - why bother with the facts when it is so much easier to just guess and minimize?

No need to take my word for it. Watch this short video (from a traffic camera) to get an idea of just how many people were there (and again, thanks to Logistics Monster, who was THERE, for this video link):

The thing that bugged me about the MSM reporting is that they consistently copied each other - oh, no wait - it just LOOKED that way (check out their opening lines in the articles above and you'll see what I mean). No, it is that they consistently claimed the marchers were all Conservatives. Apparently, this was their way to dismiss the real anger and frustration people have toward this Congress, whose approval rating is LOW, something else these writers could have looked up easily, and this President, whose ratings continue to decline. They just write them off as some right-wing whackos (1.5 million or so of them), and pay no attention to their actual concerns.

And they have plenty of them. You know, concerns like the fact that the US Government now owning 61% of GM (hey, anyone want to buy a Cadillac?); or that the Obama Administration is adding $3 MILLION to the National Debt EVERY MINUTE; or maybe it's the 32 czars - oops, make that 31 czars (see ya, Van) Obama is appointing left and right; or the Health Care Bill; or I could go on and on and on. These aren't just Conservative concerns - these are AMERICAN concerns. But they won't report it that way, because it doesn't suit the meme they have created. Had they bothered to talk to some more people on the ground, they would have found out they were Democrats, Independents, and Republicans, all coming together to protest the out of control spending of this Congress and this Administration. To put it in perspective, we are $1 TRILLION more in debt since Obama took office. $ONE TRILLION. Once again, that's not just an issue for Conservatives. That is an issue for ALL Americans.

Here are some photos of signs at the march - they came via Barbara Espinosa who sent them to Pajamas Media at THIS site. You can see more there:

This video from - of all places - MSNBC - is a fairly good synopsis (though they still couldn't refrain from painting this as a wholly conservative movement - until the very, very end, when the reporter actually spoke the truth). I saw it at Michelle Malkin's site while looking for an awesome photo I saw last night, which I have not been able to find again. The sign said, "We Are Not Wee Weed Up: We are PISSED!" If I find it, I'll add it. Here's the video:

This is but a snapshot of the day. There is so, so much more to the events of the day, the numbers of people, the calls for accountability in our government.

For those people who aren't upset about the added $Trillion to our deficit, the takeover of GM, the unvetted czars, the $Trillion Health Care Plan, etc., etc., those people who are downplaying the size of this march, who blow it off as just some group of conservatives going off half cocked, my question is, Why the hell are you NOT upset at what our government is doing??? Bill Clinton downsized our government tremendously, Bush increased it, and now Obama is bankrupting it. Why AREN'T they upset??


Miss Becky said...

yeah, I agree about the way the protest/ers are defined and termed ~ as conservatives, or whackos. the signs I see and the people interviewed as examples are made to seem way out there and loopy. Fringers. it just isn't so. I am disappointed when a really relevant issue is taken and tagged with a fringer's quote, and then it seems as though it isn't relevant because of the source, never mind that millions feel the same way. the issues then get ridiculed and swept away in the currents of media-short-attention-span syndrome.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Well said, Miss Becky. And by their framing it this way, it means they don't have to actually look at what people are saying. They can just dismiss and demean their concerns, and support everything Obama does, just like the 25% (or so) who supported Bush no mater what.

When it is our MEDIA doing that, though, obviously it is intended to present an inaccurate view - propaganda, if you will - for the president. Using our airwaves, I might add.

Not only were there over a million of people in DC, but there were many people in other cities gathering who couldn't make it to DC. These are not fringe elements by any stretch.

But it would take some actual journalism to report otherwise...

Mary Ellen said...

First of all...hope you are feeling well very soon!

Regarding this's the same old thing, the Obot media downplays it and the Obot Dem's call them a slew of names, including "un-american"...because you know, it's soooo un-american to protest and use the rights to free speech as afforded us in the Constitution.

Believe me, the White House is scared out of their wee-wee pants when they see crowds like this. I'm sure they're working their butts off trying to figure out how they can suppress more votes in the next election...because that's the "American Way".

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Thanks, ME - I have to say, it's always hard to be sick when it's a beautiful day out, and is it ever...

Well, I think you are right - I think the WH IS terrified. And even more now that ACORN has been thrown off the Census, and with even more of them being arrested for Voter Fraud. Maybe, just maybe, some folks are starting to wake up to realize just how much ACORN did to "help" Obama.

And the desire to suppress our Constitutional rights just increases my disgust for the Democratic Party. Please tell me that this is NOT the party to which I have belonged since I was young. PLEASE tell me that their hypocrisy, their sheer reversal of the word "democratic" is new...