Monday, September 28, 2009

A Speech I Want To Hear, And The Voice On The Other End Of The Phone Line

That would be Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaking out about violence against girls and women at the U.N. After the ad nauseum
speeches of President Obama, this is an incredibly refreshing change, even though the subject is intense, to say the least. Still, this one has substance, and isn't "just words." I can't help but think the audience knew the difference, too:

Remember that "3:00AM" ad? Who would we want answering the phone? This woman, that's who.

Instead we have President Obama, who has gotten his early morning call, particularly regarding Afghanistan. He's letting it go to voice-mail. Hey, he has more important things to do, like go to Copenhagen to push for Chicago to get the Olympic Games in 2016. Yep - it's true. He's making a "personal" appeal - presumably on OUR dime. Oh, he can't be bothered with what's going on with ACORN, mind you, but he can press for Chicago to get the Olympics. So, General McChrystal, and our troops, can just wait, dammit, until Obama can get to them. (By the way, General McChrystal is holding firm on wanting those troops, despite the pressure he is under to shut up.)

Oh, and a little side note on that, the whole Chicago Olympics bid. Turns out that Fox TV in Chicago has been warned - as only they can do in Chicago - to NOT air a program they did on people in Chicago OPPOSED to having the Olympics there again. Oh, I just love this Free Speech, don't you?

Every time I hear Secretary Clinton speak, and then President Obama, every time, I am reminded of who would have been the better choice to have at the other end of the phone line in difficult times. And it sure isn't Obama, no matter how much he loves to hear himself talk (though largely about himself, as THIS article highlights. Almost 1,200 times in just 41 speeches, NOT including all of the speechifying he did last week. Holy SMOKES - narcissistic much?). He's not the one I would trust to deal with the big issues. Seems like some other folks are figuring that out now, too. Too late, though, for dealing with some major issues, like Afghanistan.

If only it wasn't our soldiers who were going to bear the brunt of that call going to voice-mail...


Anonymous said...

I could just cry when I hear Hillary speak and know that she should be speaking as POTUS. But no, instead we have this imbecile who stole the election, and who thinks the most important thing he can do right now is take a vacation to Copenhagen on the pretense of trying to bring the Olympics to Chicago. I wonder what Daley promised him to do that (as in, what secrets and lies will remain hidden).

I know there are some people who are waking up to the farce that is O, but too few and too slowly...and too late.


Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Yes, it certainly is, SF. I'm sure Obama is going to try and frame his vacation as something that will be great for the U.S., and sure - who doesn't love the Olympics? I know I watch them religiously. BUT he's already sending his wife to do it, and there are MAJOR issues with which to deal. Pitiful.

He really does seem to think this office is his own personal Disneyland or something. He hasn't made any HARD decisions but claims he doesn't have time to know what the deal is with ACORN, can't make up his mind abt Afghanistan, yet he can make a VIDEO for STEPHEN COLBERT abt getting his hair cut. Are you KIDDING ME???


This morning, I saw that Bill Clinton responded when asked if there was a right wing smear attempt against Obama that yes, there certainly is. He continued that the right wing was going after someone who's policies were so positive. It made me sick - here we find out how the Obama people began the smear tactic against BOTH Clintons that they were RACISTS, and Bill claims Obama has a "positive" program?? After all the crap Obama pulled during the Primaries?? It just makes me ill to see Bill carrying Obama's water. Ill, I tell you...

Anonymous said...

Oh no, say it ain't so! Bill's gone to the dark side (no racism intended). It's bad enough that Hillary has to play the O-game, but I thought Bill was smart enough to wiggle his way out of it.

Oh, where have you gone, Billy boy, Billy boy??? I thought I could always count on you! Is nothing sacred any more?

I know how Alice felt when she fell down the rabbit hole. Only we're not stuck in a fantasy world, we're being held captive in a nightmare.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Bill did a long interview on The Daily Show last week (I think it was - you can watch it at He said in that interview how important it was to suck up to the wife's boss. My guess is he is saying these things because he feels he HAS to say them so no one can say he and Hillary are trying to undermine The One. But, still...

And the way the question was framed to him by David Gregory of that paragon of journalistic integrity, NBC, was that Hillary had said Bill faced a right-wing smear machine, and was Obama facing the same thing. So, Gregory kinda manipulated the situation.

Bill did say the right isn't as well organized now, but yeah, they were trying to pull down Obama's poll numbers and stuff.

Couldn't possibly be the shitty job he's doing...