Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Is ACORN Getting Its Comeuppance? The Senate Votes..**Updated**

Surprise, surprise - the Senate has FINALLY grown a backbone, and voted 83-7 (and this is not a big surprise - both senators from IL voted against this measure, as well as Hillary Clinton's replacement - a disappointment) to cut off Housing funds to ACORN. It took the exposure of how ACORN works by two young people who posed as a pimp and a prostitute, two people who took it upon themselves to be true investigative journalists, who demonstrated just how ACORN truly operates. Thus far, they have released three different videos of their undercover work in DC, Baltimore, and Brooklyn (and there may be another video forthcoming). Since their exposes, at long last, the organization which has received $53 million of our tax dollars, and which stands to get billions in the current stimulus bill, is getting some comeuppance:

The House still has to vote on cutting housing Funds to ACORN.

Fox News has a poll HERE asking if ACORN's funds should be frozen.

And, as a result of these videos referenced above, the Census Bureau will NOT be using ACORN in 2010. That is huge - given the number of investigations and guilty pleas regarding voter fraud, it is shocking that they were ever even going to be a part of the 2010 Census in the first place, but that's politics, apparently.

Stay tuned for the House vote on freezing HUD funds to ACORN. We'll see if they do what's right, or what's political.

UPDATE: American Girl in Italy gave me a heads up on this article, "House GOP To Call For Total Cutoff Of Federal Funds To ACORN," which states:
Today House Republicans will introduce a bill that would end all federal funding to ACORN and its affiliates. Republicans are also sending a letter to President Obama on the same subject.

The action comes after the release, on the website BigGovernment, of three undercover videos showing ACORN employees in Baltimore, Washington DC, and New York City offering advice on how to evade taxes, cover up prostitution activity, and abet the use of minors in prostitution. In the wake of those disclosures, the U.S. Census cut its ties with ACORN, and yesterday the Senate voted 83-7 to cut off housing funds for the organization.

House Republicans point out that they have long pushed for a cutoff in government funding for ACORN. Republican leader John Boehner last year sent a letter to President Bush asking for the defunding of ACORN. There is already Republican legislation calling for the total cutoff of Housing and Urban Development Department funds to ACORN, and Rep. Darrell Issa, the ranking Republican on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, took a leading role in pushing for the Census Bureau decision.

Wow. Should be an interesting time in the House! Stay tuned!

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