Friday, February 6, 2009

Unclear On The Concept

US Senators are still debating and fighting over the stimulus package Obama wants. People are furious about the amount the House passed, so what does the Senate do? Increases it by over $100 BILLION dollars. I am not kidding. Moderate Republicans and Democrats ("Gang of 18") have been working together to try and cut out the pork, and somehow today, Friday, the amount has gone to $920 BILLION. Wow. Talk about not listening to the constituency (what else is new), whose support for this package has fallen to 37%.

But get this. Listen to what Senator Harry Reid said to the "Gang of 18":

Evidently, Reid has forgotten who he is supposed to be serving - US, not Obama! Checks and balances, serving the people, protecting the Constitution - these are not small matters, Senator Reid. And if Obama's package is a pile of crap - which it is, SOMEONE needs to be protecting US and the future generations who will be repaying this money.

You know, it was not that long ago that the Democrats were assailing the Republicans for doing Bush's bidding in lockstep, or seemingly without critical thought. It seems the only thing that has changed is the letter beside the majority in power. How quickly the Democrats have forgotten the frustration and anger of being the minority party. How sad that they seem to have embodied the very characteristics against which they fought. And, how sad that anyone thought anything would be different. Just sayin'.

As long as the Democrats want crap in this bill like a FRISBEE GOLF COURSE, or money for Las Vegas to buy NEON SIGNS, they deserve to have it held up. We should DEMAND that they hold it up until it is a bill that does not squander OUR money, and does what it is intended to do - stimulate the economy. And if that means Obama doesn't get it passed when HE wants it, too damn bad. It's not his money these bozos want to spend on a freakin' frisbee golf course, it's ours. As I keep saying, these are SERIOUS times, people - time to act like adults already.

Seems to me like this is a good time to re-run he following video:

In The Know: Should The Government Stop Dumping Money Into A Giant Hole?

Yeah. And how.


Mary Ellen said...

LOL! I couldn't stop laughing at that Onion Money Hole broadcast! I wish I could put it on my blog, but WordPress won't allow embed codes or javascript. I hate wordpress because of that.

The funniest part was when the black lady said, "My father worked three jobs all his life so he could throw his money into that hole!"

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

I know - isn't she HYSTERICAL?? That video totally cracks me up. Heaven knows, with all of this crapola going on, one needs to be able to laugh some...

Huh - I have no doubt that you haven't been able to get them to work, but I use the embed codes all the time at Wordpress (that's what NQ uses). I wonder why they don't work at your blog? Is it possible they have a different version or something? If you can GET it to work, feel free to use it - I think it is right on target!