Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Savior-Based Economy"?

So says my governor, Mark Sanford, of SC in this interview with John King on CNN (MAJOR H/T to SusanUnPC at No Quarter for this story):

A "Savior-based" economy. Well, Heaven knows, Obama has certainly been set up as The Messiah, so it makes sense that this would be the kind of economy he would want. Ahem. (If you want to read the text of Gov. Sanford's interview, please click HERE.) Bear in mind that SC has a very high unemployment rate right now, so we most definitely have a horse in this race. Gov. Sanford is not being a PollyAnna here. Rather than continue the band-aide mentality and prolong the agony like Japan did, Gov. Sanford wants to deal with the issues up front. The recovery would come sooner through the natural course of events (a bit of Darwinism, if you will), rather than prolonging it by continuing with the Stimulus Package that doesn't do enough for job creation. It is an interesting take by the governor.

And another Southerner has spoken up, too. Rep. Heath Shuler, former NFL quarterback who is in his second term, represents the Western part of NC. And he supported Hillary Clinton for president. Well, he is taking Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to task for their "failed leadership" in drafting this stimulus package. He claims they have failed by not engaging in a bi-partisan manner in detailing this package. He said in this AP article:
"In order for us to get the confidence of America, it has to be done in a bipartisan way," Shuler said in Raleigh following an economic forum. "We have to have everyone - Democrats and Republicans standing on the stage with the administration - saying 'We got something done that was efficient, stimulative and timely.'"

He continued:
"I truly feel that's where maybe House leadership and Senate leadership have really failed," Shuler said.

Wow. A Democrat who actually cares about fulfilling the promises made by Obama (though honestly - why did anyone believe him? There were NUMEROUS examples of Obama failing to work across the aisle during his exceedingly brief time in the Senate, unlike, say, CLINTON, who did actually work in a bi-partisan manner.).

Oh, and get this - Shuler thinks the package should actually be about job creation through infrastructure spending, though he was very concerned about the amount of debt the current package would create. Huh. What a concept. Shame that didn't occur to any of these other bozos who allegedly represent us.

And I am sure you have heard by now about what else has been hidden in this package. Oh, this is a DOOZY. Seems there were some, um, INTERESTING little health care tidbits in the package the Senate is trying to ram through. Turns out there are three very odd components in there: 1. ration health care for senior citizens; 2. limit medical research; and 3. and monitoring doctors' treatment decisions. You should hear the hooey being spewed by some of the senators I have seen today on how stuff like this got in there, and how they didn't know if it was really there or not BECAUSE THEY HAVEN'T HAD TIME TO READ IT ALL!!!! Yet, they are VOTING on it this morning! As I have previously reported, there is all KINDS of pork built into this package, and now this on health care. Reports are that Tom Daschle got these items put in - which begs the question, HOW? He is not an elected official, and I am pretty sure he had already canned himself for the Health and Human Services job because he, too, is a tax evader (on a MASSIVE scale). Here is Megyn Kelly talking to Senator Arlen Specter about this add-in:

So, how did it get in there, then??? And, how are we to know if it is taken out? Since, as Senator Specter kept saying, this package is hundreds and hundreds of pages long, it seems to me that maybe, just MAYBE, SOMEONE could have taken the time to read the damn thing before they decided to vote on it. Oh, but that would mean "CATASTROPHE!!!!" to the country for them to actually take a day or two for them to have committee meetings and know what the hell is in there. How could I forget?? Pathetic. What a pathetic bunch of legislators they are. And Specter should be ashamed of himself for keeping his "commitment" to pass this package. His "commitment" SHOULD be to the people of the country. Funny how these senators and representatives keep forgetting that...(Uppity Woman has an outstanding rant on this HERE. Truly mind-boggling what they are trying to slip though this bill.)

On a different note, wild fires continue to rage in Australia in an area beset with drought for a decade. Now they believe the fires were the work of an arsonist. Sadly, almost 200 people have died, some in the most horrific ways imaginable (trapped in their cars). Many people have lost their homes in these fires. It is a senseless tragedy, and if I may, let us just take a moment and remember that we are all connected. Even in the midst of the frustrations with our political leaders, our own economic or health concerns, let us remember that others are suffering, too, or have lost their lives, through no fault of their own. Rather, through an act, deliberate in nature, that has affected so many. And continues to do so, with thousands of firefighters working to squelch these flames. We are, all of us, connected.

My thoughts and prayers go out for those lost, and for those who have lost so much...May these fires be contained quickly, and with no more loss of life...


Mary Ellen said...

I actually watched some of OBama's speech last night. Of course, he lied his way through most of it and dodged almost all the questions with long rambling rhetoric that made absolutely no sense. It's obvious that he is clueless on the economy issue and he's doing nothing but spewing information that he doesn't understand at all.

btw, I finally put up my post about closing Bad Habit. I waited to do it so I was absolutely sure that it was what I wanted to do. I feel at peace about it and it's such a weight off my shoulders. I'm staying open for this week, though...I have some things to wrap up.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Wow, ME - you have a stronger stomach than I do! Of course, it was the first time I had gone out to eat since the surgery, so there was no way I was going to risk losing my dinner! :-) I did read, though,t hat he did his usual long-winded, vague, meandering answers, without ever really answering the question.

Oh - and did you hear that the AA press was PD that they were used as window-dressing? They were put in the front row, and were never called on. It seemed who WAS called on was pre-ordained, including a guy from HuffPo, big surprise (cough, choke). Anyway, they were pretty mad - they said it was like the Reagan years all over again. But hey - after the way he treated them during the campaign, wanting cut-rate advertising and everything, I would sure HOPE they weren't surprised...

You know damn well Hillary would have been SO much better on this issue. For starters, she actually KNOWS something abt it...

Oh, sad day abt Bad Habit. I am happy for you that it brings you peace. And I want to offer to you the opportunity to write a guest post whenever the spirit strikes. I love your work, and if you have something you just gotta say, just let me know!

You're the best, ME! And that's what I wish for you - all the best.

Mary Ellen said...

Rev.Amy- Thanks so much for the offer to guest post here.

I just saw a blogger who was a supporter of Obama's write this great post about how pissed she was over Obama's plan to keep up with the torture and renditions. I was so proud of her...but then someone came on and wrote about four comments on that post and pointed her to a DailyKos article. So what happened? The girl who wrote that great post about how pissed she was at Obama...finally "understood" his reasonings for renditions and torture and she's back to singing Obama's praises.

It drives me crazy, it's as if they need to be re-programed by Obama's minions whenever there is dissent and then they turn back to good little robots again. It's maddening!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

It is maddening. As a card-carrying member of the ACLU, I was glad they came out and said something abt it. Would have been even better had they not jumped on the Hope-y Change-y bandwagon in the first place, especially after the FISA debacle, but there ya have it...

It is amazing, though, isn't it? Uppity mentioned that at the Town Hall yesterday, there were 1,500 seats, but they only gave out 250 tickets to the people who had waited in line. Just like George Bush all over again,t hey gave the rest to selected people. That explains why they booed a woman who actually asked a good question. But you know, Dear Leader cannot be disturbed like that - all that one is supposed to do is give him accolades and sing his praises. To actually QUESTION him on something is heresy...

And I mean it, ME. If, down the road, something strikes you that moves you to write, I would be honored to post it here (and possibly NQ, too, if you wanted). You have a powerful voice, ME!