Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rocky Mountain High

Well, Obama just got back to Washington, DC after his long weekend away in Chicago yesterday. Today, he is wheels up to go to Denver, CO to sign the $787 billion dollar Porkulus bill. Why Denver? Because CO was SO helpful to him during the Campaign, and that's where he got to play Greek Temple dress up. Oh, wait - that's the real reason. What HE claims is, besides it being the stage of the DNC Convention, it is to promote Green Jobs. Yeah. Okay. Whatever.

You know - we ragged on Bush constantly for his little jaunts and vacations. Funny, I don't hear any of the Democrats talking smack about OBAMA already having taken TWO weekends away in less than a MONTH. Oh, right - Obama can do no wrong. I forgot. My bad. Ahem.

Getting back to the Porkulus Bill - once Obama signs it, the SECOND his hand finishes the signature, not only will we be in the hole for that $787 Billion, but we will have to borrow ONE TRILLION DOLLARS. Yes, I said one (1) TRILLION buckaroos. Yep! And where will we get that money? Who will lend it to us? Excellent question! Stu Barney said this morning that Japan is our biggest lender, but they are in the midst of a Depression, with a big "D." So, don't know how they will be able to pony up any more for our poor fiscal management.

And, the Stock Market has PLUNGED this morning as the Porkulus Bill is about to become law. Great. Way to stimulate the economy!

Oh, CRAP - maybe this IS their idea of "stimulus"!! To send it DOWN, not UP!! We are so screwed...

By the way, did you know that whole light rail thing in there is to have a high speed train go between Los Angeles and Las Vegas? Gee - I wonder who would have worked to get THAT in there. Hmm. Let me think. It couldn't be the Mormon, Senate Majority Leader, REID who pushed for the Sin Express, could it?? Oh, no - I'm sure not.

While my senator, Lindsey Graham, is raising some eyebrows with his "Nationalize the Banks" cry, he gets it right in the following video when speaking back to Seantor Chuck "Chattering Class" Schumer:

Bottom line? We're screwed. We're screwed because the Party in Power is taking advantage of US because they can. We are going to be in debt for ages to come because of this Porkulus Bill, and the ADDITIONAL $1 Trillion we are going to have to borrow on top of that. The kicker is that this bill will do very little to actually stimulate the economy. That has nothing to do with Bipartisanship per se - it has to do with the Democrats taking advantage in a massive way, with little regard for restoring our economic security. That there was no bipartisanship of which to speak is unfortunate - yet another promise broken by The One. Not surprising though.

The bottom line is that this bill, soon to be a law, will do nothing to kick-start our economy, certainly not any time soon. Hey, I'm not the only one who thinks so. Go look at the freakin' Dow - that tells the tale. And the tale it tells is a sad one - we're screwed.

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