Friday, February 13, 2009

Panetta and More On Rendition

Well, Leon Panetta has been confirmed as the new CIA Director. He has confirmed the position of this White House, same as the last White House, on rendition. And he has added this little bonus tidbit:
Obama has signed an executive order limiting interrogation techniques to the 19 outlined in the Army Field Manual, but Panetta conceded those might not be enough. He said he would not hesitate to go to the president and ask for additional authority if there was "a ticking-bomb situation."

Well, that's just jake, isn't it? Wonderful news.

I wrote yesterday about this issue, and thanks to truthtelling007, I have two videos to share with you on the continuation of this policy.

First up is a general overview from Fox news:

Then there is Obama Water Carrier, Rachel Maddow, on Obama's decision to continue this policy. Now let me say, I used to like her, but from the very beginning of the Primary, she made it QUITE clear that she supported Obama, and the vast majority of her reporting was skewed to support Obama. So here she is, discussing Obama's continuation of this Bush policy:

Once again, why she is surprised is BEYOND me. Here she is discussing with Russ Feingold the FISA vote this summer, and Obama's vote for these expanded presidential powers. Oh, and Russ, whom I also used to like, continues that meme that Obama is a Constitutional Scholar, that he'll restore the Constitution, blah, blah, blah, if he becomes President, that he would rescind a lot of Executive Orders (so far, only for unions), etc. I recommend having clear access to a bathroom or barf bag for all the GLORIOUS things Obama will do. Anyway, here it is:

So, yeah, Rachel - that, along with his flip flops on so many other issues, should have been a big, huge clue to you about what Obama was really going to do when he got into office. Hate it for you that you clung to your hopes and dreams rather than looking at the reality of who this guy is. Maybe now you'll actually try to engage in some actual freakin' journalism. That's MY hope, Rachel. That you'll actually take off the rose-colored glasses, stop drinking the damn Kool-Aide, and do the job of a true journalist.

Just to be clear - Obama and his new CIA chief, Panetta, are crystal clear on the policy of rendition. And it is exactly the same as the last guy. It's about damn time people started to deal with the REAL Obama, and stop trying to prop up the IMAGE of Obama you helped to create. Any time now.

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