Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rant Away!

Holy Toledo, some folks are getting mighty hot under the collar about the "Stimulus" package, and some of the groups who feel entitled to that money. First up, we have Stuart Varney, an economist who worked for CNN, now Fox News, and his discussion with a representative of ACORN:

Yowzer! Mr. Varney is right, though. Why should those of us who are RESPONSIBLE about our mortgages end up "rewarding" people who AREN'T responsible by giving them $1,000 a year if they actually make their payments?? I don't know about you, but I could sure use that toward my OWN mortgage payments (which I pay on time every time). Ironically, those of us who actually ARE responsible not only don't get rewarded, but we get punished by having to supplement those who are not responsible. Funny, this isn't how I was taught things were supposed to be...

Oh, but there is more on this whole issue of people being responsible or not with their mortgages. By now, you may have heard about the man who broke into his foreclosed house in Baltimore, supported by - wait for it - ACORN. Except they aren't using that whole "breaking and entering" and "arrest" language, but "civil disobedience." I am not kidding you. AND, it isn't the fault of the people who got the mortgages and defaulted, but the BANKS for giving it to them in the first place. Never mind that ACORN demanded those subprime mortgages - that's not the point!!!! Except that it is. Wow. Check out this interaction between Megyn Kelly and a spokesman for ACORN on this "civil disobedience":

Oh, boy...That is how they are characterizing "civil disobedience" these days? Having people squat in foreclosed homes because they didn't make their payments?? Holy cow. When I was in grad school, we engaged in a lot of civil disobedience, like sit-ins at places that built nuclear weapons, or against apartheid in South Africa. But this - supporting people in breaking into buildings, even encouraging it, as a way to "stick it to the man," the same one they INSISTED provide the mortgage in the first place, is such incredibly flawed logic, it makes my head hurt.

And I sure can't forget Rick Santelli, whose recent rant has created quite the buzz:

Uh, yeah! I should say, though, in the interest of fairness, that Jim Cramer, also of CNBC, disagrees with Santelli. SusanUnPC wrote a great post about it, "CNBC versus CNBC." I reckon I am naturally inclined to support Mr. Santelli since they referred to him as a "Rabble Rouser." What can I say?!?

Well, what I can say is that it seems more and more people are "mad as hell," and they aren't gonna take it anymore. And they are organizing now to make that point clear all across this land:

Amen to that. We must stand up for ourselves. It is quite clear our elected officials are not. When Nancy and Friends comes up with an ADDITIONAL $410 BILLION dollar package to add on top of the other gazillion dollars they have already passed. I might add, this one is just as full of pork and earmarks as the last one.

Yeah, that makes ME mad as hell. How about you?

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