Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Miracle Of Music

I just saw the most incredible story about a man named Derek Amato. Back in 2006, he hit his head on the bottom of a swimming pool. The result of that brain injury was the gift of music. That knock on the head unleashed a musical ability that qualifies Mr. Amato is a savant.


I was just talking with some folks the other day while waiting for my car to be serviced about the brain. One woman, who had brain surgery, coincidentally, said that her mother spoke to her when she died, and later on when the woman's daughter was dealing with leukemia. A couple of other women started talking about similar experiences they had. I remarked that we use so little of our brains, that there is so much out there that is possible, the spiritual realm being just one part of it.

I think this story is good evidence of the parts of the brain we usually don't use as well. Who knows what all is possible? Amato talked about synethesia, a condition about which I read a few years back in my Smithsonian magazine. It is a fascinating condition. Some people see numbers as colors, and Amato sees black and white blocks, which then translate to his hands music to play.

Here is more of Derek Amato's story:

Amata's ability is undeniable, and the music he is now able to play is just beautiful. From businessman to musical savant. This is truly a miracle, one fitting for this time of year, it seems to me.


Derek Amato Music said...

Amy, i wanted to personally thank you for sharing my story! all my best to you!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

But of course, Derek - it is an amazing story, one that highlights the marvel of the divine, and humanity. Thank you!